ATX® Smith Cable Rack System Weight Stack

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German Design at it's finest. This machine is the undisputed champion in its category.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint W = 200cm D = 236cm H = 230cm In order to use the half rack the internal width of the barbell has to be at least 125 cm!
Grade Commercial - EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S
Weight 674 kgs
Inclusions Inclusions: 2 x Olympic Sleeves for the lifting bar, SOLD SEPARATELY: Olympic sleeves for weight storage, cable attachments, Olympic Bar, bench and weights.
Weight Load Capacity Total Load = 1400kgs, Smith Machine = 300kgs, J-Hooks = 300kgs, Spotter Arms = 300kgs, Chin Up = 250kgs, Dip Station = 160kgs, Weight Plate Storage = 400kgs (per side)

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Detailed Description

Even though it is not a Panzer, it's built like one. It seems like German Engineers at IFS decided to put all their skills and creative ideas to produce something extraordinary, something that is built to last and run over the competition. The ATX® Smith Cable Rack is a tad lighter than the German Tank, sitting at approximately  800 kgs, but it is just as solid. The gym version of a tank comes with 3 weight stacks, two for cable crossover and one for lat machine, foldable dip bars, adjustable cable crossover, half-rack, multi-grip chin up, high and low pulley and commercial smith machine with safety stoppers.

There are many gyms out there with similar features but there is one big difference - all these exercises and stations are as good as any stand-alone machine dedicated to the respective exercises. There are no compromises here. They have just been cleverly bundled into one complete package making the ultimate home gym or compact gym for a personal training studio or gym.

BulletProof Machine Equipped with:

  1. Dual Pulley Cable Crossover station with two weight stacks.
  2. Smith Machine with adjustable stoppers.
  3. Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar.
  4. Half Rack with adjustable J-Hooks and Spotter Bars.
  5. Lat Tower Attachment with foldable dip bars and high, low pulleys.

  6. 10 Weight Horns, for all your weights (Olympic sleeves sold separately).
  7. Certified for Commercial use, comes with a certificate to back it up.

It has a Half Rack too?

  1. 300kg Load Rating!
  2. J-Hooks and Spotter Bars are covered with rubber casing to protect the barbell and reduce the noise.
  3. 29 holes spaced out every 5 cm with laser engraved numbers for easier adjustment.
  4. 36 cm long Spotter Bars for some extra safety.
  5. Lowest hole position - 27.5 cm from the ground.
free weight training

Smoothest Smith Machine

  1. Special maintenance free Linear Bearings.
  2. 30 mm Guide Rails made out of hardened steel.
  3. 8 Lockout positions with safety spotter system.
  4. 300 kg Load Rating.
  5. Barbell Diameter - 30 mm.
  6. 104 cm Wide Grip.
  7. 37cm Long Sleeves.
commercial smith machine

Cable Crossover with two independent pulleys

  1. Two 55kg weight stacks in2.5kg increments for each pulley.
  2. Numbered uprights with 16 different positions, maximum height ~193cm.
  3. 1:1 Ratio, no mechanical advantage.
  4. Heavy-duty, flexible, stretch-resistant steel cable.
  5. Two Independently usable Pulleys.
  6. Ball-bearing pulleys.
cable crossover

Lat Pulldown Option with foldable dip bars

  1. 125kgs weight stack in 5kgs increments.
  2. 1:1 Ratio, no mechanical advantage.
  3. Smooth, low friction movement.
  4. Adjustable pads to lock your legs when lifting heavy on lat pulldowns.
  5. Durable anti-slip rubber pads for your feet.
  6. Ø 50 mm thick rubber-coated grips.

NOTE: This Demo is on the free-standing ATX® Lat Machine and not the Smith Cable Rack. It is hard to get the camera inside the cage to show all the right angles.

If you are looking for even more exercise ideas, check out the Spud Inc Utility Strap Demo by LEE PRIEST!

Don't know which SCR is best for you?

Choosing the right home gym can be a daunting task. It all comes down to your idea of a home gym vs what you actually need and how much you are willing to spend. To make it easier for you, we came up with a guide. Which explains the benefits and downsides of each variant. More Information.

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