Package Deals

Over the years we have put together gym equipment package deals based on our experience with the products we sell. While some are basic – combining certain pieces of weight training equipment with weights and/or barbells – others are more complicated and created to meet certain purposes. You can see from the many pictures of our customer’s home gyms in the Testimonials section on website, that these package deals have been a great success.

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What should I look for in a Home Gym Package?

The most basic gym packages combine a piece of equipment with necessary gear to get you started on your home gym journey. Our Power Rack packages and Multi Gym Equipment packages would have to be the most popular. While they are really simple and very affordable, they give you all you need to have a quality home gym set up. Even though they are basic, they are designed so you can add on equipment as your strength and experience progresses. That is the big advantage of buying quality gear from us, you won’t have to sell it off and upgrade as you get stronger.

The weight plate packages that we include reflect the average user’s strength. Many times we talk customers out of getting too much weight as they will never use it. Inexperienced trainers often think if they start out lifting 60kgs, then progress to 80kgs in 3 months, they will be lifting 300kgs in 2 years. Unfortunately strength gains are hard to come by the more you progress, so 115kgs plus a 20kg Olympic bar will do the trick for the majority of people.

How much can I customise my package?

As we stock the best range of quality, speciality gym equipment, we are able to put together some unique packages designed for specific purposes. For Sydney and Melbourne customers, space is often at a premium so we can put together some unbelievably compact yet highly versatile packages. Our Ironmaster range is specifically designed for this purpose. Plus the wall mounted options from Barbarian Line are also very useful.

Our single station machines are also unique, and most offer multiple exercises. This allows us to put together packages with a power rack or multi gym, and include extra machines. The result is a commercial quality workout experience, all in the space of your garage or spare room. You would be amazed at the quality of a home gym that you fit into a single car garage – well worth leaving the car out on the street!

We'll tailor a package to suit you

For experienced trainers, we offer hardcore packages that have plenty of weight. If you are just a beginner, please note that the gym equipment used in these packages is exactly the same as the entry level deals. They just have a lot more weight. Proof that our equipment will see you through your evolution into a beast!

For personal trainers and gyms, our equipment has a market leading blend of quality, durability and affordability, so our studio gyms are highly popular too. Studios and gyms also suffer from a lack of space, so having machines with compact footprint and multi-functions is a big bonus.  These gym packages are also popular with businesses that are looking to provide their staff with a weight training facility. It has been proven that staff who are fit and strong are more motivated and efficient. Plus they are less likely to take time off with injuries. So it is a sound business investment.

The package deals offered are just a guide, we encourage customers to add or take out equipment as they desire. All our packages are calculated using the same formula, so it doesn’t matter what is in your bundle you can be assured that you are always getting a great deal.

Great value when you buy in bulk

Our list prices on certain items of gym equipment are sometimes the cheapest in the World – something we are very proud of given that Australia is a small and remote market. So when this gym equipment is included in a package, the value is second to none. Even if you live in a remote location where shipping may be expensive, the combination of a highly competitive retail price plus a package deal discount can offset the pain of some freight.

Even though our list of package deals is extensive, if you have something completely different in mind feel free to give us a call or drop us an email. We can whip a custom package deal together in no time, along with a freight calculation if required. As well your satisfaction is our goal – that is why we have so many loyal customers and referrals – please don’t be shy in sending through changes. Sometimes it takes weeks or back and forth calls or emails, but we don’t mind and think it is an investment, if we can get your home gym package perfect.