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The Powertec LeverGym - with Iso Lateral Arms proves even the best gym equipment for over 20 years can still get better. The Powertec Workbench LeverGym has proven to be the most heavy duty and functional compact home gym system for over 20 years. The list of exercises is limited only to your imagination, plus they handle heavy weight with ease. For beginners & advanced trainers.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint L=195cm W=142cm H=208cm (See Footprint Diagram)
Weight 130kgs
Inclusions Comes with squat bar, wide lat pulldown bar, small flat bar and stirrup handle.
Weight Load Capacity Press Arm = 500lbs or 225kgs Cable = 300lbs or 136kgs
Colour Construction yellow
Warranty Lifetime Warranty on structural frame (excludes paint). Five year warranty on moving frames (press arms and other unspecified moving components). Two year warranty on components (bearings, locking pins, pulleys, cables, slide rods etc). One year warranty on pads, grips and other unspecified parts. The warranty is for the original purchaser and for domestic use. This is a genuine warranty backed by genuine support and parts. Don’t be fooled by lifetime warranty’s offered by competitors. You can also see that the Powertec product lasts a lifetime by the age and condition of the 2nd hand units on sale.
Construction Construction: The WB-LS is constructed with 3" & 2" steel tubing with a 12 guage (2.5mm) wall thickness. Lever arms are 3mm thick steel with a pair of heavy duty bearings on each arm. Padding is industrial grade high density foam with double stitched upholstery. A durable baked on powder coat finish is applied to the frame. Bearings and spring pins are industrial grade for years of hard training. Nuts and bolts are high tensile strength to withstand heavy loads.
Carton Size Carton 1: 140cm x 86cm x 13cm Carton 2: 123cm x 58cm x 19cm Carton 3: 124cm x 44cm x 29cm If shipping is required, someone will have to assist the driver unload these cartons, as they are all over the OHS limit of 25kgs.
Backrest Pad Dimensions Length - 81 cm, Width: Bottom - 34.5 cm, Top - 26 cm

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Detailed Description

The Powertec Workbench LeverGym always has had the reputation of being the best pound for pound multi gym on the market. Our youtube videos just show you a fraction of what you can do with this unique piece of gym equipment. Well Powertec now offer the LeverGym with iso lateral arms, opening up even more exercises for you in your home gym. Here is Mr Universe Lee Priest demonstrating:

15 Years in the Business

What makes these gyms so great? Firstly, you can train all body parts with multiple exercises and variations. When we talk exercises we mean quality exercises - not half assed movements you will find on your average run of the mill home gym. We are talking bench press - from incline through to decline.

The Powertec Leverage Gym platform has been around for over 15 years. Whilst there has been many changes over the years, the basics of the gym have always remained the same. So you can buy this gym with the confidence of knowing that the fundamentals have stood the test of time around the world.

Suitable for Everyone

For back, you have got so many quality options. Lat Pulldowns and seated row on a cable arrangement that is smoother than most you will find in your local gym, and with a rating of 300lbs you can most likely go heavier too! You can also use the lever arm for rowing movements that will blast your back like never before.

Where most multi gyms fall down is legs. Powertec on the other hand really steps up and offers a squatting movement that perfectly isolates the quads. It is also excellent for split squats or step back lunges, where the lever arm offers that extra bit of stability over the dumbbell or barbell form of the exercise.

What else makes these gyms so great? They are perfect for both beginners and advanced trainers. For beginners, you get to perform all the major exercises that will help build a foundation with complete safety. The machine will get you in the right position for each exercise and the leverage format will make sure that you don't get trapped under a barbell.

Even though the gym is perfect if you are starting your weight training journey, you don't have to worry about outgrowing it, because with weight load capacities of up to 500lbs it is ideal for even the most advanced trainers. Over the years we have seen some fairly solid dudes who have used Powertec gyms. However Australian bodybuilding legend Lee Priest takes the cake. He trained for, and won the San Frisco Pro in his home gym with Powertec equipment.

Additional Information

Weights: Weight Plates are NOT included. They will accept any Olympic style plate. If you don't have Olympic weight plates check out our package deals below. Powertec Standard Weight Horns can be purchased separately if you already have standard or 30mm diameter hole plates.

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