ATX® Power Rack 610 System 198cm for Low Ceilings

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The ATX® PRX 610 rules out another excuse for not having a home gym. This Power Rack System features High and Low pulley, Multigrip Chin Up Bar, Durable spotters and J-hooks all while taking up minimal space. The overall height of this station is just 198 cm!

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Width - 121 cm, Depth - 163.5 cm, Height - 198 cm Inner Cage Footprint - 108 cm x 65 cm Uprights - 50 mm hole spacing (centre to centre of the hole), Hole Diameter - 21 mm. Total 30 adjustment Positions.
Weight 97.5 kgs
Inclusions ATX® Power Rack 610 + ATX LTO 520. J-Hooks, Spotter Bars, Multigrip Chin Up Bar.
Weight Load Capacity Rack 650 kg (total) Lat Pulldown - 140 kg
Colour Matte Silk Black
Warranty 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
Construction Uprights 60 mm x 60 mm x 2 mm. With reinforcement plates at the top and bottom of the cage.
Weight Plates Used Olympic +51 mm

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Detailed Description

Some people would gladly give up their master bedroom, just so they could have a fully functioning home gym.

However, there is no need to put your relationship in jeopardy. The German Engineers are here to save your gains and marriage with the new ATX® PRX 610!

It has been designed for ceilings of under two meters, even with the lat pulldown attached to the back of it, the overall height sits at just 198 cm!

On top of that this power cage comes packed with loads of great features:

  1. High Base Weight - 97.5 kgs.
  2. Lat pulldown with High and Low Pulley for all your accessory exercises.
  3. Certifed for domestic (EN 20957 I.II.IV - H).
  4. 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
  5. Exceptionally compact footprint- the rack is only 163.5 cm deep!
compact power rack

Additional Information

Robust construction - there are a lot of power cages on the market with similar 60 mm x 60 mm x 2 mm uprights. What makes the PRX 610 stand out from the competition is the reinforcement brackets at the top and bottom of the rack. To make it even more stable, durable and easy to assemble the PRX 610 Power Rack comes with robot-welded support brackets.

atx short power cage

Accessories - as standard this power cage comes with Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar, J-Hooks and Spotter Bars. ATX® are known for going out of their way to provide a superior product, even then it is designed for domestic use.

The J-Hooks are manufactured out of bent 10 mm thick steel sheet and feature a nylon sleeve, to protect your barbell from damage and reduce the noise whilst training.

The same goes with spotters: 20 mm thick, bent solid steel rod alongside protective sleeve will catch weights up to 500 kgs!

atx prx 610 system

Lat Tower: German Engineers always opt for a simple lat tower option design which allows it to keep it's 1:1 Ratio (No Mechanical Advantage).

Which is great for those who don't want to waste a single kilo of their weight plates - what you load is what you lift. If you do feel like it is going to hurt your ego, you can always use bumper plates to feel stronger!

atx power rack system

With the reduced height of the power cage, the Lat Tower also had to be reduced to 198 cm in order to be used in places with low ceilings. With the top carabiner sitting at 175 cm above the floor, which gives you plenty of room to get the full extension.

Footrests - this tower had been engineered to withstand loads of up to 140 kgs, so adding footrests to the tower was definitely a welcome addition.

power cage high low pulley

Compact footprint - due to the unique design and German ingenuity the PRX 610 Power Cage System still boasts the same stability and compact footprint as the full-sized cages. The ample training space inside of the power cage allows you to comfortable wheel the bench inside the cage and bench and shoulder press without any issues.

affordable power cage


ATX® now sports one of the largest range of QUALITY Power Racks. As such you have access to add ons and accessories (sold separately) that you would normally only have available for much more expensive racks. 

power rack attachments

These items are all sold separately.

ATX-LTO-510 - ATX® Lat Option 510 198cm, for all your high and low pulley exercises (included with the system).

BB-90-CLIP - Resistance Band Pegs.

ATX-J-ARM-LAC- ATX® Jammer Arms - for Various Upper Body Exercises.

ATX-MLIFT-COP - ATX® Monolift - for easier unracking/racking of the barbell.

ATX-WRT-ROL - ATX® Rackable Wrist Rollers - for strengthening your forearms.

This rack comes with j-hooks, spotter arms & chin-up bar. The following items are sold separately: weights, barbell, bench, plus the optional accessories listed above.

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