ATX Spotters Sabre 75cm

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The ATX Spotters Sabre 75cm ensures your safety during your training, with and especially without a spotter or training partner. Genuine 600 kgs load rating.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Weight Load Capacity Spotter Bars - 600 kgs, Rubber Grips - 160 kgs
Colour Black
Construction 20mm Steel Tube Rubber Casing - 8mm thick steel pipe covered in 6.5 mm thick rubber protector.

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Detailed Description

ATX offers a variety of different accessories for their racks and rigs, you can customize your rack so it would suit your needs.

Some of us don't train with a partner who could spot us and even then you are not guaranteed that he is going to catch you. The sole reason of getting a power rack is that you could train safely inside the rack knowing that if the barbell slips or your muscles fatigues the spotter bars would save you and your precious barbell.

You can use your ATX Sabre Spotters rubber grips as a barbell holders as well as do shoulder presses without fearing that if you fail the lift the barbell would come crashing down on you.

  1. Designed in Germany for ATX Power Racks.
  2. Genuine 600 kgs load rating.
  3. 20 mm thick steel tube covered in 8 mm rubber and steel casing.
  4. Rubber Grips can be used as an additional barbell holder (suitable for up to 160kg).
  5. Engineered to protect the barbell and reduce noise.
  6. Suitable for racks with 80 mm x 80 mm uprights and 20 mm holes and 75 cm depth.
75cm spotter bars

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