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Ever since Louie Simmons introduced the Westside Barbell Spacing to Racks, everyone has been obsessed about having fewer inches in between their holes.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Depth - 156 cm, Width - 121 cm, Height - 215.5 cm
Weight 109 kg
Inclusions Base Rack - ATX-PRX-655-SD, J-Hooks - ATX-FHT5-0600, Pin Pipe Spotters - ATX-PPS-65
Weight Load Capacity 1000 kgs (total)
Colour Matte Black
Warranty 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Construction 60 mm x 60 mm x 3 mm Uprights, M12 Hardware, 52 Adjustment positions, 40 of them spaced out every 2.5 cm.

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Detailed Description

Noteworthy features of the ATX® Power Rack PRX-655SD:

  1. 52 adjustment positions, out of which 40 are spaced out 2.5 cm apart.
  2. Designe in Germany for European Commercial gym equipment market - EN 20957 I.II.IV - S.
  3. High Base Weight - 109 kgs.
  4. 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
  5. Compact yet robust - 1000 kgs safe rack working load.
atx westside/short distance spacing

Short Distance Spacing/Every Inch Matters

For decades elite powerlifters have been training on racks and cages which had 100 mm and 50 mm hole spacing. That was until the Westside Barbell founder Louie Simmons introduced the 1-inch spacing.

This significantly benefited equipped powerlifters and bench press enthusiasts as the shorter spacing allowed them to save that extra bit of energy by lifting the bar off by up to 2.5 cm less.

westside spacing cage

Understanding the stability

It is not necessarily the thickness of the steel which determines how stable the rack is going to be, but the weakest links. In this case, they are joints of the power cage.

The most stable option would be to weld the whole frame together, but that would make the shipping a nightmare.

So the only viable option is to ship it flat packed and reinforce the weakest links.

ATX® have done so by using 6 x industrial grade bolts with reinforcement brackets, to secure the upright to the frame.

This type of design allows ATX® racks to be wobble-free.

atx-commercial short distance cage


You will find the phrase "Certified for commercial/domestic use by European Standards - EN 20957 I.II.IV - S/H" written on pretty much all of the ATX® products. But what exactly do they mean with this statement?

Without wasting words, the German engineers had to back up their weight load capacity claims. All of the equipment and accessories have not only been tested for the maximum weight load capacity but also for the long-term stress in regards to the material fatigue.

So by owning ATX® you'll know that you have a product which is designed to last.


Variety of optional accessories allows you to build the gym around your needs

The beauty of buying ATX® is that you will gain access to the extensive list of optional attachments. This list features lat towers, jammer arms and even neck and wrist trainers.

This ever-growing list of rack accessories will allow you to perform a pretty much endless list of exercises.

atx short distance cage

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Power Rack

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