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This style of power rack does not require you to sacrifice safety in exchange for a more compact footprint. ✓ Certified for Commercial Use ✓ 500 kgs Safe Working Load ✓ Compact Footprint ✓ Various Attachments Available

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Width - 126 cm, Depth - 160 cm, Height - 243 cm. Internal Cage Width - 45 cm.
Grade Commercial - EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S
Weight 191 kgs
Inclusions Squat Rack - ATX-FS-240, J-Hooks - ATX-FH-V, Spotter Arms - ATX-SB-65, Spotter Bars - ATX-PPS-45, Rack Extension - ATX-RACK-EXT-240-F SOLD SEPARATELY - Weight Plates and Barbell
Weight Load Capacity Safe Working Load - 500 kgs.
Colour Black
Construction 3 mm thick 80 mm x 80 mm Uprights with 8 mm backing plates.

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Detailed Description

How do you reduce the footprint of a power cage without affecting its stability? For German Engineers, it was quite a simple solution - reductions of the internal width of the power rack to 45 cm.

Here are a few feats of the ATX® Slim Power Cage:

  1. Extremely solid construction - over 140 kgs of steel!
  2. Certified for Commercial use
  3. Designed for big lifts - a genuine 500 kgs working load capacity (Not a static test).
  4. Two pull up bars with Ø 30 mm and 45 mm diameter.
  5. Comes with ATX J-Hooks (ATX-FH-V) and Spotter Bars (ATX-SB-65).
  6. 29 adjustment positions.
  7. Various Attachments Available.

Here is an outstanding review of the ATX® Half Rack by Daniel Hewitt!

Squat Rack & Power Rack + Compact Footprint - best of both worlds.

Although reducing the internal width of the power cage to 45 cm might seem like a drastic move, there is more space than it seems. During most exercises, the barbell moves in a straight line. In case of failure, the closer uprights would actually work to your advantage.

The German Engineers were very well aware that not everyone wants to train inside the power cage, hence why this unit comes with extra long spotter arms. The 65 cm long spotters allow you to bench, squat and shoulder press outside of the cage with complete safety.

power rack for powerlifting

If you want to change the accessories this rack comes with, just shoot us a message and we will work out the difference.

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