Barbarian Line Jammer Arms


There is no boundaries when it comes to German innovation, if you wanted to perform iso-lateral exercises you had to purchase the whole station, but not anymore! Thanks to German innovation, you no longer need to buy a bulky station to do iso-lateral exercises with their release of the Barbarian Line Jammer Arms!

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Inclusions Pair of Barbarian Jammer Arms, 2 x Olympic Adapters, NOTE: Power Rack, Bench , Spotter Arms or Weights are not included!
Weight Load Capacity 250 kgs per pair
Colour Black
Weight Plates Used Olympic (51 mm+)

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Detailed Description

Whether you have an injury or want to isolate a particular upper body muscle group which is lacking, Isolated Lever Arm exercises can be really beneficial for you. I personally use them for my accessory work after heavy bench press sessions. Yes, they don't activate your stabilizers as much as the free weights would do, but that's why I use them for accessory work not as my main workout, although it could be used for that as well.

Barbarian Line Jammer Arms come with following features:

  1. Certified for commercial use according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class.
  2. Ball Bearings ensure smooth movement regardless of which exercise you are performing.
  3. Rubber strips to protect the paint of your machine.
  4. 2 grip positions - neutral and parallel.
  5. Grip width - up to 99 cm!
  6. Handle diameter - 30 mm. Just like most of the barbells on the market.

What's so special about iso-lateral arm training?

The sole reason why the Lever Gyms have been so popular is that you can push yourself until failure without having to worry about the barbell crushing you in case you miscalculated your strength during that last rep. Also, your form tends to suffer when you are doing multiple repetitions in the same set. Fatigue, heavy breathing can dangerously impact your form when you are chasing the pump.

Whether you are doing incline, flat or decline bench press, shoulder press, one-arm rows, shrugs, standing press, you can be sure that the arms will only move up and down which allows you just to place yourself in the correct position and maintain proper form throughout the whole exercise. The arms won't lean forward or backwards. You can train untamed and reap all the benefits of the iso-lateral training with greatly reduced risk of injury.

Suitable for other machines:

The most common question we are asked about the BARBARIAN Line JAMMER ARMS is whether they can fit their rack.

Truth to be told only a few racks have similar dimensions and are compatible with the BARBARIAN LINE ATTACHMENTS (Iron Edge Matrix Racks).

It would also fit racks from other brands with 70 mm - 80 mm uprights, internal hole diameter of 26 mm and 50 mm hole spacing.

Rogue, Body Solid, Verve Fitness have either smaller uprights, different hole spacing or different hole size, and won't be compatible with the BARBARIAN LINE Jammer Arms.

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