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Your search for a commercial quality power cage ends with the Barbarian Power Cage System! Its power cage has 650kgs load capacity, lat pulldown with 180kgs. A truly unique free weight training system for your gym or studio. This is a genuine commercial power cage with a genuine commercial lat pulldown system all bundled in an extremely compact footprint without sacrificing durability. It will handle any weight you can throw at it!

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint W=125cm D=180cm H=220cm
Weight BB-VP-31000 Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown Option = 180kg BB-VP-31500 125kg Weight Stack Lat Pulldown Option = 290kgs
Inclusions Multi Grip Chin Up Bar, 1 x pair J-hooks, 1 x pair solid steel spotters, lat pulldown option (plate loaded or weight stack). Weight Plates, Cable Attachments and Barbell are sold separately. 2 x Olympic sleeves.
Weight Load Capacity Cage = 500kgs, Chin Up Bar = 300kgs, Lat Pulldown = 180kgs, Dips = 160kgs
Options BB-VP-31000 Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown Option or BB-VP-31500 125kg Weight Stack Lat Pulldown Option.
Warranty The warranty terms and conditions for the Barbarian Line are intended for commercial use. We offer a 10 year warranty on frame excluding surface finish, 1 year on parts, cables and pulleys and 90 days on grips, pads and upholstery. Please note that some commercial equipment being sold by our competitors are only covered by domestic warranties. There is no warranty at all for commercial use. If you are using the Barbarian equipment in your home gym, and you have a manufacturing issue or defect with your grips, pads, upholstery outside the warranty terms we will review your issue. But please refer to my first point above about the best warranties are ones that are not used. Barbarian is designed by Germans for German commercial use. So it is over engineered for domestic use.
Construction 75mm x 75mm steel tube with a 3mm wall thickness. Hole Size - 26 mm.
Carton Size Carton 1: 194cm x 32cm x 18cm Carton 2: 126cm x 53cm x 25cm Carton 3: 190cm x 33cm x 15cm Carton 4: 222cm x 22cm x 15cm Carton 5: 86cm x 47cm x 23cm

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Detailed Description

The only Power Cage System that you would ever consider for a commercial application. You find anything as compact yet extremely robust at this price. This achieved through German design combined with large scale production for the massive European market.

  1. Extremely heavy duty power cage - load capacity of 650kgs.
  2. Commercial quality lat pulldown - better than you will find in most gyms. Rated for a massive 180kgs.
  3. Optional 125kg weight stack - with a 1:1 ratio (no mechanical advantage) this will be more than enough for even the most advanced trainers.
  4. Heavy duty construction - made from 75mm x 75mm structural steel with 3mm wall thickness.
  5. Premium J-Hooks with durable protective sleeve for barbell protection. Sabre style spotter bars with 10mm rubber casing.
  6. Numbered uprights - 27 positions in total, spaced 50mm apart.
  7. Detachable dip handles that can be used in various positions. 45mm diameter.
  8. Multi grip chin up bar featuring bomb grips.
  9. Provision for resistance band pegs.
  10. Oversized bearing driven pulleys combined with aircraft grade cable. Precision nylon bushings for the smoothest motion even under the heaviest loads.
  11. Adjustable leg lock to anchor yourself for heavy pulldowns.

commercial power cage

Hardcore Free Weight Training

Everyone who has seen the Barbarian Commercial Power Cage System has been impressed. Why? It is built like a tank, clever yet simple design and the lat pulldown is better than you will find in most gyms. Plus it has a surprisingly compact footprint for a commercial power cage.

You see a lot of the current crop of commercial racks are aimed primarily at the crossfit and strength training market. So the design focus is purely at functional training - so a high and low pulley is often left off. The beauty of the Barbarian Cage System is you get the best of both worlds!

The Power Rack has a multi grip, knurled chin up bar. You can also see in the picture above that it has holes in the top section - as well in the bottom - for resistance band training.

power rack system with lat pulldown

Fair Dinkum Lat Pulldown

While functional style training is essential in any resistance training program, you still cant beat some of the old favourites like lat pulldowns and seated rows. This is where the Barbarian Power Rack System really shines! You have two options. If you are on a budget, you can go with the plate loaded version. It can handle up to 180kgs.  Alternatively, if you want to treat yourself, go with the optional weight stack version. It has a massive 125kg stack in 5kg increments. The movement is smooth, and when you see the size of the pulleys, you know it can handle some heavy weight.

It also has adjustable pads for your thighs to anchor yourself in position. Lastly, don't worry if you are tall, it has a generous range of motion.

Additional Information

Certification: Complies with EN Norm 957, European Community

NOTE: Cable Attachments, for example lat pulldown bars, are not included. They can be purchased separately.

Options: There are two options. Plate Loaded Lat Option is $1,899. The Lat Option with a 125kg weight stack is $2,479.

Note: The Power Cage System Plate Loaded comes with Olympic sleeves for Olympic weight plates. They slide over 30mm steel horns. If you intend on using standard weight plates, the internal hole needs to be 31+mm.

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