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Dumbbell Pec Flys
Let us be honest. Even if your primary goal is strength, packing on a bit of size in all the right places is an added bonus. Except for maybe your guns, there is no better place for bulging muscle than your chest. Is there a better feeling than at the end of a chest workout, when you pump out some d..
When some people buy a power rack, they often only have two exercises in mind – bench press and squats. However, a power rack offers much more versatility than you originally thought it would. I will try to list a few exercises in this article and how to perform them correctly. Let’s start with the ..
I’ve heard that if you want to bench more you have to bench more often. That is partly true. If you want to have bigger bench press you will have to perform different variations of it. Close grip, medium grip, wide grip and even flat, incline or decline. That’s a lot of pressing!Close grip bench pre..
Here is an exercise that you probably have not tried before that will help you improve your bench press. Serious trainers would be familiar with Good Mornings, but if like me you hadn’t tried doing them seated, you will be pleasantly surprised at how beneficial they are. I’d like to call myself a ..
1. What’s so special about incline dumbbell press?Incline dumbbell press has to be one of my favourite accessory exercises when it comes to chest training. I always seem to get a great pump after the exercise. Why is it so special?To start with it helps you to improve your shoulder stability as well..
1. Positioning.The Incline bench press can be a useful exercise to build the upper part of the chest if done correctly. First thing you should be aware of is the bench position. Set your bench between 30-45-degree angle (whatever is most comfortable for you). Anything higher will put more stress on ..
How to Bench Press 101
Learn how to bench press properly, from start to finish. It is a complicated lift, in order to perform it correctly you should know all the steps involved in heavy bench press.  Once mastered you will be able to get out of the poverty bench press zone and apply the principles to other lifts.&..
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