Ironmaster Dumbbell Workout Upper Body No. 1

Here is the first in a series of workouts Funk Roberts has created for the Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells. Funk specialises in MMA Workouts so check out his website for more great routines. Here is a short and sharp upper body workout that you can do with your Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells. If you have other adjustable dumbbells you won't be able to the push ups in renegade style.

The workout has been structured so that you don't need to change weights between exercises.

Once you can complete the routine in the allotted time, it is time to increase the weight. These style workouts may look easy but believe me fatigue catches up pretty quick. So don't go too heavy to start out with. If you can complete the workout easy do it again with heavier weight. Stay tuned for more workouts coming soon........