2020 Christmas Opening Hours

2020 Christmas Opening Hours

For the first time since I started I have decided to close down over Christmas. 

We are closed from the 20th December and will re-open on the 4th January.

We are doing this for several reasons:

  • Our stock levels are still low. We will go hard before we close, hopefully get some containers during the closure and then open up with a greater range. The aim here is that customers will be able to purchase more of what they want in one hit, rather than buying it in dribs and drabs. This will save you money in shipping. 
  • The transport companies are getting hammered at the moment. Covid online shopping combined with Christmas has overloaded all companies - Australia Post is breaking records all the time. People are understandably getting annoyed with longer shipping times but these can not be avoided. So if we send out anything in the week before Christmas it will be highly unlikely that it will get there before Christmas day. 
  • Normally over the Christmas period we get a lot of showroom sales. Unfortunately our showroom is still closed as we have very little on display and in stock. We would be just wasting your time showing you stuff that we can't sell you. 
  • Lastly, I need a break! My son is starting high school and my twin daughters are starting year 5. I spend so much time at work and would like to spend some time with them before they don't want to hang out with mum and dad anymore! Given what has happened in 2020 it has made really appreciate how important family is.
 I am really sorry if you had your heart set on getting gym equipment over this period, but if you wait until the 4th January we will do our best to help you out - providing we have the stock.

If you order on the site during the closure, we will ship your order out in the first week when we return. Transport pretty much shuts down over this period normally, so there would have been a delay even if we were open. 

Any questions we will try and respond within the week, but there will be a few to get through, so if we don't get back to you on the Monday or Tuesday it doesn't mean we don't love you! 

Also I would like to apologise to those people we pissed off during covid by not being able to supply them with gym equipment, give ETA's or take deposits. Prior to covid we not only had a warehouse full of stock, but we also had loads stored in other warehouses too. February and the start of March was slow, so I was wondering if I was ever going to get rid of it all.

Even with all this stock, we could only handle a fraction of what people wanted - so a lot missed out. If I could have got more in quickly, or at least been able to give you solid ETAs I would have done so. But given that the world changed so rapidly I was reluctant to make commitments. 

Anyway 2021 is looking to be a promising year - the Australian economy is rebounding far better than I had imagined. We will be launching a revamped website and have loads of equipment coming in. 

Finally I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and most importantly a better New Year - it won't be hard! I want to thank all our customers for their continued support over the years. Running a business can be a tough slog sometimes, but our customers give me a sense of satisfaction that reminds me why I started the business in the first place. 

Cheers, Sam.

Sam Lucas
Posted by Sam Lucas