Hendos Home Gym

Hendos Home Gym

Big thanks to Hendo for sending in a pic of his home gym.

hendos powertec home gym

Now Hendo's Powertec Multi System is old! But as we say Powertec gyms don't grow old, their owners just wear out! As you can see Hendo's is still in excellent condition along with his white stand Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells. These are very old too, there were only limited amounts bought into Australia before they switched to grey stands.

In a weight training world that is often fixated with Power Racks, it is great to see a Multi Gym based set up. Some say that you can't get a proper workout on machines - often they have never tried a leverage multi system before - but these gyms allow you to do all the compound movements. Add in some dumbbells and you have got loads of variety.

The Leg Press is an excellent addition as it adds a quality movement for legs and calves. The 2-20kg Round Rubber Dumbbells compliment the Ironmasters nicely. The Power Maxx 2-20kgs are excellent value plus take up bugger all space. One of the criticisms of the Ironmaster dumbbells is that you can't do drop sets. By adding the 2-20s you can load the Ironmasters up heavy, and then finish yourself off with the fixed dumbbells. 

Thanks again for sharing mate!

Sam Lucas
Posted by Sam Lucas