Micks Sick Multiplex Home Gym

Micks Sick Multiplex Home Gym

Big thanks to Mick for sending in a pic of his Megatec Multiplex Home Gym set up with a nice twist....

This one will get the Power Rack brigade's noses out of joint as it is a classic bodybuilding style set up. There isn't a better gym around for getting your pump on than the Megatec Multiplex Gym. All four stations will isolate and blast muscle like never before.

If you notice, Mick has set himself up two of the BBP-2000 Single Cable Stations. This makes great use of the corner to give him both a traditional style cable crossover, as well as a more contemporary functional trainer. Great idea Mick!

To round it out, Mich has got the Barbarian Bicep Blaster. For such a comprehensive gym, it doesn't take up too much space at all!

Sam Lucas
Posted by Sam Lucas