Australian IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix IX 2009 - Poster

Here is the poster for the Australian IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix. Check it out and see just some of the star studded line up. Firstly, the star of the poster Toney Freeman will be worth the price of admission alone. Just like Dexter Jackson won the Aussie Grand Prix last year and went on to win the Olympia, Toney is a big chance of doing the same. Unlike a lot of other high profile sporting stars, Toney is only too glad to meet the fans. So do't miss the opportunity of meeting a potential Mr O.

Another bloke that is well worth seeing in action is Kai Green. They are expecting big things from this guy and what makes it even more interesting is the background from which he has come. It is the original Rocky Balboa story. With Lee Priest leading the Aussie contigent this is shaping up to be a one hell of a bodybuilding battle.