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The Ironmaster videos showcase how innovative and cutting edge the Ironmaster gym equipment is. Ironmaster products are leaders in space effecient design - so if you are limited with space in your home gym check the Ironmaster products out.

Lee Priest came down last workout for a chest workout. Not only did we get some great footage, I think we all got motivated to hit our training even harder. Lee has a few dramas going heavy with dumbbells due to some pain associated with his shoulder surgery to repair a torn bicep ..
Here is another one of Funk's MMA Workouts. All you need is the Ironmaster Dumbbells, Ironmaster Adjustable Kettlebell, ab roller and skipping rope.This workout is specifically tailored for MMA training. It incorporates 5 workout stations that are completed in 1 minute each with no rest. So t..
Well you have tried Funk Roberts Ironmaster Dumbbell Workouts, now it is time to mix it up with the Ironmaster Kettlebell Handle. If you have the Quick Lock Dumbbells, these videos will show you how this addition will add great variety to your weight training. I had never tried Ket..
Here is the next in the series of Funk Roberts Ironmaster Dumbbell workouts. This is a lower body workout that will change your opinion of training legs with dumbbells. I remember when I first got my Ironmaster gym equipment all those years ago. I was a bit lost when training l..
I am pleased to announce that our Kiwi bros will now be able to get Powertec and Ironmaster gym equipment from We get a lot of inquiries from NZ and have done some exports but having a distributor on the ground is going to make getting quality gym equipment a whole lot easie..
Here is the first in a series of workouts Funk Roberts has created for the Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells. Funk specialises in MMA Workouts so check out his website for more great routines. Here is a short and sharp upper body workout that you can do with your Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbell..
This is a great video which shows just how versatile the Ironmaster IM2000 really is. Unfortunately the Ironmaster IM2000 does not look as flash as the Powertec multi gyms we sell, but do't let this fool you. The Ironmaster IM2000 is pack full of great features which gives you loads of exerci..
The problem with buying Ironmaster gym equipment is that when you start you will find yourself coming back for more. The reason is that it is not only great to use but takes up bugger all space. The trick is that you just need to only slightly expand your home gym area without the missus finding ..
This is a video of just some of the exercises that can be performed with the Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells. Combine these with the exercises shown in the Ironmaster Super Bench video and you will have plenty of variety to keep weight training for years! A lot of people have only ..
Even if you do't own an Ironmaster Super Bench, this a good video showing just some of the thousands of exercises that can be performed with a bench and some dumbbells. However after you see some of the cool attachments and how easy the bench is to use you will probably want to upgrade. ..
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