Ironmaster IM2000 Exercise Video

This is a great video which shows just how versatile the Ironmaster IM2000 really is. Unfortunately the Ironmaster IM2000 does not look as flash as the Powertec multi gyms we sell, but do't let this fool you. The Ironmaster IM2000 is pack full of great features which gives you loads of exercises to perform.

Unfortunately I do't train much on the Ironmaster IM2000 anymore. The reason being is that I trained almost exclusively on it for over a year and had to start doing more training on other machines. Our old warehouse was tight for space and I was pushed for time. I liked having the weight plates on the machine and I just stuck with the compound exercises. I would race through a full body workout in 30 mins. The good news is that I am making more space in our "home gym test lab" and I will be training again on the Ironmaster IM2000 shortly.