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The Powertec Leverage Gym would have to be one of the best value home gyms in the world. We are constantly being surprised at what can be achieved on this humble piece of gym equipment. Here are some videos on how to perform the various exercises. There are also some extra exercises that we have come up with for the Powertec Leverage Gym. Some of the videos are filmed on the Powertec Multi System where the exercises are identical - like bench press, leg extensions etc

As you all know the Powertec Leverage Gym is one of the most versatile multi gyms on the market. The best thing is that it does all the basic movements so smooth and with plenty of weight. But what is great from an enthusiasts point of view is the ability to come up with new exercises after a bit of playing around. Here is how we came up with donkey calf raises after a bit of playing around. ..
This video will show you how to build your chest without the need of dumbbells, pec decs or other fancy contraptions. Just another demonstration why the Powertec Leverage Gym is the ultimate home gym.Although this demo was shot on the Powertec Multi System, the movement on the Powertec Leverage Gym is identical. Naturally a set of adjustable dumbbells will add a load of variety to your weight training. However, as you can see in this video they are not essential, even for advanced training on the Powertec Leverage Gym. So if you are on a tight budget the Powertec Leverage Gym..
This video will probably do me out of a few sales of the Powertec Curl Machine Accessory but it just goes to show what a versatile piece of gym equipment the Powertec Leverage Gym is. This series of videos has shown you several top exercises to hit the biceps, but this one would have to be my favourite.It is really important that you take care when performing this exercise. Please make sure that the cable does not rub against the welded bracket that sits across the outlet of the top pulley. If you hear a scraping noise you are rubbing the cable and this will wear away the protective coating..
The Powertec Leverage Gym is great for basic weight training. But what sets Powertec apart from other home gyms is that you can perform great supplementary movements to target specific muscle groups. This makes the Powertec Leverage Gym the ideal home gym for an advanced trainer.Before you perform this exercise, I must stress that you need to take care not to drag the cable on the welded bracket that sits across the outlet of the high pulley. If you drag the cable across this bracket it will shred the protective coating on the cable.   If you intend on doing this exerc..
Prone Rows are a great way to hit your back muscles without stressing your back to much. This video shows you how to perform this exercise on the Powertec Leverage Gym.Brad also shows you how to structure extended sets on this exercise.   ..
The shoulder press on the Powertec Leverage Gym feels just like high end leverage commercial shoulder press you would find in a gym. Not a bad feature for a multi gym in this price range.This video was filmed on the Powertec Multi System. Both shoulder presses are identical. This video also goes into detail about different training techniques that can also be applied to the leverage bench press. ..
I was not a huge fan of leg extensions to be honest. After doing some research I found they were probably causing knee pain that I was experiencing while squatting. However now I never do a leg workout without them.Yes the knee pain was caused by leg extensions, but it was because I was young and stupid and using to much weight. The fact that I was lifting up out of the seat trying to heave the weight should of had the alarm bells ringing! Brad got me doing leg extensions with light weight up to 30 reps per set. I only ever go as low as 20 reps. I perform the exercise nice and slowly and re..
The Powertec Leverage Gym has limited range of motion on the lat pulldown. Do't let this put you off this great home gym because there are many ways that you can train around this. Here is one........If you are over 6ft 1 you may not get full range of motion on the Powertec Leverage Gym for lat pulldowns. This is not a huge issue. For starters you can perform your lat pulldowns using the continuous tension method. You can also perform Hybrid Rows. This is a great stand alone back exercise - you hit the back and lats in one hit. If you want a more advanced routine you can combin..
These additional back exercises on the Powertec Leverage Gym make this a great multi gym for the advanced trainer on a budget. Building a strong back is essential in weight training and bodybuilding and these exercises compliment the seated row and lat pulldown perfectly.This video was filmed on the Powertec Multi System. The pressing station on the Powertec Leverage Gym is identical so you can use these same techniques on this gym. One of my favourite back exercises is the barbell style row without using the bench as support. I grip the press arm on the vertical part of the handle. I like ..
The Bench Press on the Powertec Leverage Gym is a huge selling point for this multi gym. There are't too many home gyms in Australia in the price range where you get a decline, flat, incline leverage bench press that can hanle up to 500lbs or 225kgs.This video was filmed on the Powertec Multi System. The bench press on the Powertec Leverage gym is identical so you can use all the techniques that Brad shows in this video. ..
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