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Our weight training articles focus on the basics. By basics we mean the basic weight training principles which can be used on basic gym equipment. The reason we stick to the basics is because they work! You don't need to have fancy gym equipment to get results. Just a basic home gym, with a good diet and training routine and you will build strength and or size!

What age to start weight lifting?
This is a question I hear from parents all the time.Unfortunately, the term weight lifting is surrounded by a lot of "fake news". What I mean by this, is that there are some common misconceptions about weight training that prevent kids from participating in a healthy, educational activity that's hea..
Dropping Dumbbells The growing popularity of Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit has lead to a greater use and understanding of bumper plates. Most people understand now that if you load up a barbell it is not a good idea to just start dropping it from waist high. If you keep doi..
10 Weight Training Tips 1. Use a weight you can control with good form. 2. Never more than two days in a row without a break. 3. Never stretch a cold muscle 4. Workouts should last between 45-60 mins. 5. Large Muscle Groups Basic Trainers: 1 exercise per muscle group. No m..
Our Power Maxx Kettlebells have been a big hit. Some of the customers have been new to kettlebell training and have been asking what is the best way to get started. So I thought I would share with you how I learnt the ropes.  The story started when my wife was pregnant with our twins. She cou..
What next! This is for my old mate Jayse “Big Fella” who just recently purchased a Powertec Multi System.  He wants to know what is the best way to tackle his new home gym. Well I have been asked this question so many times. My philosophy on weight training, like a l..
I have been changing my training a bit lately. The weather has been so nice in Sydney I have been training a bit in the backyard at home with my Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells and Ironmaster Kettlebell Handle . I have also recently acquired some state of the art cardio equipment for my home gym ..
When I show customers the Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells,  they often say "hey, but you ca't do drop sets". This is true to a point, but I would like to point out the following:- Once you get quick changing weights on the Ironmaster dumbbells you can drop weight in 20-30 secon..
Here is just a teaser of the Matrix system Dr Ron Laura is working on for the Powertec Multi System. I will have to give this a go myself. BEWARE you do not need a lot of weight. Do not underestimate the power of the Matrix! As you can see the Powertec Multi System is perfect for Matrix styl..
I hate the typical "cardio" activities. When I talk about cardio I am referring to exercises bikes, treadmills, cross trainers, stair climbers etc. I really do't see the point of sitting on a machine inside a building simulating an activity that can be performed outdoors. However I ..
Here is the weight training article from Sam's Fitness Sept 2008 newsletter. Using these weight lifting techniques you can easily add variety into your training without having to incorporate new exercises. This is great if you are training in a home gym situation where you might not have a lo..
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