Weight Plate Buying Guide
Whether you are new to weight training, or have been lifting for years, the range and variety of weight plates has exploded over the recent years. As an experienced trainer myself, making the right choice for plates is daunting. Plus, the affordability of premium styles has improved dramatically, ma..
Recently I participated in the Campbelltown Open 2 which was held in Adonis Athletics Campbelltown. I was gutted with my performance. To put it simply, I did not meet the expectations that I set for myself. As part of the healing process, I thought I would sift through the bones and work o..
When some people buy a power rack, they often only have two exercises in mind – bench press and squats. However, a power rack offers much more versatility than you originally thought it would. I will try to list a few exercises in this article and how to perform them correctly. Let’s start with the ..
I have been busted by the Form Police! Just recently I’ve posted a video update of my training progress. While the weight might seem impressive for some of you (190kgs). The form wasn’t. I completely understand why I received the critique. My glutes lost contact with the bench, so the lift would hav..
Powerlifting If cheesecake, lifting heavy weights and no cardio sounds like a dream to you then maybe Powerlifting might be the strength sport you have been looking for. We don’t need to starve ourselves like bodybuilders! Although that doesn’t mean all powerlifters are fat. ..
I’ve heard that if you want to bench more you have to bench more often. That is partly true. If you want to have bigger bench press you will have to perform different variations of it. Close grip, medium grip, wide grip and even flat, incline or decline. That’s a lot of pressing!Close grip bench pre..
Here is an exercise that you probably have not tried before that will help you improve your bench press. Serious trainers would be familiar with Good Mornings, but if like me you hadn’t tried doing them seated, you will be pleasantly surprised at how beneficial they are. I’d like to call myself a ..
1. What’s so special about incline dumbbell press?Incline dumbbell press has to be one of my favourite accessory exercises when it comes to chest training. I always seem to get a great pump after the exercise. Why is it so special?To start with it helps you to improve your shoulder stability as well..
1. Positioning.The Incline bench press can be a useful exercise to build the upper part of the chest if done correctly. First thing you should be aware of is the bench position. Set your bench between 30-45-degree angle (whatever is most comfortable for you). Anything higher will put more stress on ..
For the uninitiated, it might not seem like much. But for those of us who have toiled on the Iron for years, they are gifts from the Gods. 175kgs The Hard Way! The first part of the video shows a lift I completed at the start of my preparation for the World Bench Championships. It was 175k..
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