Steves Gym in his Theater Room
Big thanks to Steve for sending in a pic of his gym tucked away in his theater room. This is a classic example of why the Powertec LeverGym is second to none when it comes to being the most versatile multi gym around. These humble gyms can be found in some pretty hardcore surroundings - full sh..
Stuarts Powertec Garage Gym
Big thanks to Stuart for sending in some pics of his home gym. Stuart has definitely got the best of both worlds here. A killer home gym PLUS he can still park his car in the garage. Well done mate!For most of us, a lifting cage with a lat pulldown option plus a Powertec 45 degree leg press&nbs..
Tys Latest Additions to His Gym
Big thanks to Ty for sending in a pic of his latest additions to his gym -  a Powertec LeverGym + Ironmaster Dumbbells. Ty already had some quality kit prior to adding the new gear, but this Powertec and Ironmaster combination is actually one of my favourites. So much so I actually created..
Ross and his Home Gym in Tasmania
Thanks to Ross from Tassie for sending in some pics of his home gym. Tasmania is one of my favourite places on Earth, I just love the scenery. But Ross' gym certainly would drag my attention away from the beautiful country side!As you will see, Ross has a better equipped home gym than a lot of comme..
Tysons Home Gym
Big thanks to Tyson for sending in a pic of his updated home gym. It was amazing before, but it has just gone to a whole new level with his new shed."Good Morning Sam's Fitness,I wanted to say thanks for the great quality gym equipment and not to mention the excellent service and somehow amongst all..
Barbarian Smith Machine Review
Yet another big thanks to Ellis for sending a review of his Barbarian Smith Machine and Weightlifting Bench. Ellis has purchased several Barbarian pieces for his gym and Adelaide, so we are very grateful to have such loyal customers.Hey Sam just wanted to drop you an email after having the Barbarian..
Megatec Smith Machine and Half Racks with Ironmaster Super Bench
We have decided to offer the Ironmaster Super Bench with the Megatec Half Rack and Megatec Smith Machine packages because it delivers you the best bang for buck. The price we sell these benches for easily makes them the best value gym bench in Australia. We can do this because we buy in massive..
ATX Power Racks and Rigs
We have started adding the ATX line of Power Racks and Cages to our range. They are relatively unknown in Australia, but a rapidly growing brand in Europe. So I thought I would give you a bit of background on how they came about. Certain American brands have grown in popularity with the explosion..
Megatec Compact Leg Press Review
Big thanks to Rod for sending in a review and pic of the latest addition to his home gym - the Megatec Compact Leg Press! Rod has got his measurements right to the millimeter and squeezed the machine in perfectly between the wall and his Barbarian Commercial Power Cage.This is what Rod had to say ab..
Powertec Leverage Squat Review
A Powertec Leverage Squat review left by Simon on our Facebook page. One of the awkward things about selling stuff, is when someone in the showroom or on the phone asks if something is good. I always say that I am the last person to ask - of course I am going to say it is good! So having great custo..
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