Joshs New Home Gym
Big thanks goes out to Josh from North Queensland for sending in a pic of his new home gym set up. Josh previously had a single garage set up, which he sold off, and has gone for an off the wall double garage set up.This is what Josh had to say about his new rig......."Matt, Once again id like to sa..
Cheap Megatec Multiplex Shipping Rates
The Megatec Multiplex Gym has been a massive hit, especially in Sydney. People come into the shop and see that it is actually better than it looks. But the only drawback with this gym is that it comes in a crate, so for people that require delivery to a residential address, there is either a ta..
Compact Power Rack Gym Package
If you are looking for a compact power rack gym package, the Megatec Power Rack + Ironmaster Super is proving to be a very popular partnership. Good old fashioned barbell free weight training is the simplest, most effective - in terms of cost and benefit, for setting up a home gym. With our spe..
Rowans Barbarian Pro Functional Rack Review
Big thanks to Rowan for posting this Barbarian Pro Functional Power Rack review on our Facebook page. I count myself very luck to be working in an area where I have a passion. But equally as important, I am so lucky to have great customers like Rowan.Huge thank you to Sam and the team at Sams Fitnes..
Megatec Power Rack Review
Megatec Power Rack Review by James - thanks a lot mate for sending the pics through. Bang for buck, the Megatec Power Rack delivers a comprehensive list of features that the competition just can't match. No wonder it is getting rave reviews.James had the following to say about his latest additi..
Dwaynes Power Rack Dumbbell Gym Review
Big thanks to Dwayne for sending in a pic of his Power Rack Dumbbell Gym that he recently added to his studio. This is what Dwayne had to say.....G’day GuysReceived the rack and weights today.Took about 2 hours, for my son and I to put it together.The system will make a great addition to my lit..
Daniels Home Gym Sydney
Big thanks goes out to Daniel for sending in a pic of his home gym - one of the best home gyms in Sydney I am sure you will agree. This is what Daniel had to say about his home gym......."I bought a few bits of gym equipment from you guys at the beginning of last year. Firstly would like to say..
Joshs Barbarian Power Cage Gym
Big thanks to Josh for sending in a pic of his Barbarian Power Cage Gym. Josh tells me he is in the process of building a new shed, but his set up looks pretty sweet how it is.......I don't care where it is, if you have got yourself a Barbarian Power Cage set up, you have a legit commercial quality ..
Powertec Power Rack Spotter Bars by Ironmaster
The Powertec Power Rack does not currently have a spotter bar option like the Barbarian Power Cage Spotter Bars. We have had many Powertec customers inquire about such a solution, but after some playing around we came up with an alternative.We have managed to fit the Ironmaster IM2000 Spotter A..
Gym Equipment has More Bacteria than a TOILET SEAT!
If this doesn't convince you to set up a home gym, then nothing will! A recent study by Fit Rated revealed some pretty interesting findings...Gym equipment like free weights - dumbbells and barbells - has up to 362 time more bacteria than a toilet seat! Which to me, is really no surprise, when you s..
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