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Craig Binks

I've been dealing with Sams Fitness during the year to set up our home gym. Super happy they maintained their reasonable retail prices during the COVID crisis. This is so important for people struggling to keep their body and mind healthy with gyms closed. Happy with the fairness they showed in providing equipment with limited stock available. It took a few months but we now have all the equipment we need, I finally got to do a pick up of my last pieces of kit and meet the guys in person and have a quick look in the showroom.

Very happy with the Olympic weight plates and the special squat rack bar is perfect for our setup. The plyo boxes are top notch!!

Review posted: 11/11/2020


Another order from Sam's Fitness, another fantastic experience. No surprise really. I had a number of questions, all which were thoroughly answered without a problem by Francis, both via email and on the phone. Ordered late afternoon, items shipped the next morning and delivered the day after. The ATX equipment I ordered is great in every way and I highly recommend it. Look no further than Sam's Fitness for all your gym equipment needs, you won't regret it.

Review posted: 06/11/2020

Jay H

Jumped onto the website yesterday morning to see if anything had come in stock and found that the bumper plates were back in! Ordered the 150kg bumper plate pack and thought I would be waiting at least a week but they got here this morning, about 2 hours after I got an email saying the item had been shipped.
Plates are perfect and delivery time was top notch.
100% will buy from Sam's Fitness again (when they get more stock hah)

Review posted: 18/09/2020


The team at Sam's Fitness have been great, all questions asked and service has been amazing, if you want no bullsh*t you've come to the right place!

The Iron Master Space Saving gym actually says what it does. You practically have a full gym in the smallest footprint with high quality gear.

Will definitely be a repeat customer and tell my mates about Sam's Fitness

Review posted: 12/09/2020


From purchase to delivery (including couple of questions via email)
Definitely will buy again from here.
I picked up some weight plates and had it delivered by A-Z Couriers -- absolutely flawless..

Review posted: 12/08/2020


I can easily say that the customer service I received at Sam's Fitness was some of the best I've ever experienced. I had plenty of questions and all of them were answered very quickly and in great detail. There was no pressure to buy or attempt to up sell me anything. All I got was genuine, honest advice. I felt like the salesperson really cared about helping me and wanted to make sure I got the best bang for my buck and the best purchase to fit my needs. They put me on a wait list for equipment and after 2 weeks let me know it was available if I wanted it. When making my final decision on what to purchase and where, it was very easy because of the customer service I experienced, I had full confidence in buying my equipment from Sam's Fitness. I've made 2 purchases now and will definitely be back for more.

The ATX equipment that I purchased is of a very high quality. It looks great, was very well made with smooth and clean welds and joints. I had no issues with missing components or hardware, assembly was very simple. My ATX 650 Power Rack is bombproof and I love it. I've got no doubt it will be the only rack I ever need for my garage setup. I also have the dip handles for the power rack and they are of equal quality and I can't fault them nor the rack itself. My goods were all shipped the next day and arrived within a week, which I was very happy with.

The team at Sam's Fitness and the ATX equipment have helped completely transform my garage gym into a place that I really want to be in and really want to train in. I can't recommend ATX and Sam's Fitness enough.

Review posted: 10/08/2020


Very quick turnaround and great customer service.

Review posted: 07/08/2020

Natalie Allen

Amazing service from Linas who saw us through each step of putting out order together and getting it shipped across the country.

Review posted: 05/08/2020


Long time customer of Sam's Fitness. Pretty much 99% of our studio is from equipment from here. Nothing but the best in terms of equipment quality, variety, recommendations from Sam and staff, pre-sale and after sales service is second to none! Will always go back and would recommend to anyone.

Review posted: 11/07/2020


I recently purchased the ATX Multiplex multi gym with the peck fly attachment. I was restricted with floor and ceiling dimensions, and after putting it together, I can't believe Sam still has it in stock.

It has to be one of the best multi-gym setups I have ever used or seen. The price of $3,850.00 with a bench did deter me a little bit being what I consider cheap in comparison to other setups, but once I had it installed yesterday I can confirm that it is heavy-duty and worth every cent. The photo I attached shows it takes up just as much room as my bench press.

Thanks Elliot for your help.

Review posted: 31/05/2020

Review by registered user.

To sam and the team,just want to say thanks for the great service and delivery they have provided for me in these difficult times,Legends.

Review posted: 19/05/2020


I rarely leave reviews but WHOA! Ordered a set of plates and bar recommended from a friend, and I gotta say, I am beyond happy and satisfied with the level of service and fast delivery I received from Sams Fitness. Thank you guys so much for being such an amazing business during this time and for selling at reasonable prices. Will definitely be back to purchase more soon! But 10/10 Service and Delivery!! Now to get the gains ;)

Review posted: 06/05/2020

Review by registered user.
Ben Halin

Hey Matthew.
Here is my gym set up. Complete with motivational posters :)
I need to neaten up the Mats a bit but pretty happy with the overall result.
Thanks to you guys for all your help.

Review posted: 02/03/2020

Chris Hale

Thanks guys, I'm stoked with the gym

Review posted: 20/01/2020

Mark Wagstaff

Hey Matt,

Finally got gym set up and first workout complete! Very happy with the setup and I think it’s going to do everything that I need ????

Only a couple of minor glitches – I didn’t pick up a couple of incorrect codes on the quote, so have a couple of small items I didn’t intend (got the wrong weight horns – I was after the ones that mount on the power rack to store weights, and one of the resistance bands is thicker than intended). My bad, and not a big drama and otherwise all good. Very happy with the quality of the kit so far.

Thanks for all your help and the great service – will certainly recommend Sam’s fitness!


Review posted: 23/12/2019

Johnny Moore

I've purchased numerous items and used their services cable repairs etc. Matt and the guys have been great! Nothing is too much trouble and queries are ALWAYS met with a 'can do' attitude and fixed...…….quickly with no fuss. The adjustments made to suit my quirks have made my week! Merry Christmas guys! :)

Review posted: 18/12/2019

Luke Buckby

Hey Francis,

My order finally arrived yesterday afternoon. Not going to lie it was a bit of a beast to put together a couple washers had to be bored out with a bigger drill bit to make fit and the instructions weren’t actually for the Triplex.

But it is amazing I could not agree with you more about the bench, it honestly is the best adjustable bench I have ever used and I was a PT for 6 years.

Thank you so much for everything. I know it took longer then anyone was hoping for but it was still worth the wait.

Like we were chatting about yesterday I will eventually be after

Barbarian PRO Functional Commercial Power Rack
ATX Powerlifting Package
Barbarian Sissy Squat Machine PRO

These will all be once I set up my new Shed so I have the room to have everything I need.

Again a huge thanks to everyone at Sams Fitness the customer service was amazing.


Review posted: 12/12/2019

Jeff Kerr

Hey guys,

Just wanted to say thanks.

I was quite painful in chopping and changing quotes, but you guys were very accommodating.

I’m very impressed with the quality of all the gear.

Town n Country freight were also very good.

Will send through some photos when fully set up for your website and a more thorough review, cheers.

Review posted: 04/12/2019

Review by registered user.

Purchased some dumbbells, adjustable bench and gym mats in store. Didn’t have all the mats I wanted in stock so they were delivered first thing that weekend. Unbeatable customer service and extremely friendly staff. Don’t waste your time anywhere else.

Review posted: 28/09/2019

Martin Bui

Hi Matt

It's been long overdue but a short testimony below.

I've recently upgraded my home gym with the Barbarine Line equipments. I've bought the seated calf raise, smith machine plate loaded rack and leg press/hack squat combo.

All I can say is WOW. These things are bomb proof. I'm a real stickler for quality as I believe if you buy quality you buy once and these Barbarine Line are all quality but at a competitive price!

Firstly the leg press/hack squat combo with calf raise. It's 3 exercises in 1 piece of equipment. The oversized rollers are super smooth so you really feel the weight.

With the smith machine plate loaded rack you get the half rack, smith machine and cable cross over. The number of exercises you can do on it are endless. The bearing on the smith machine is silky smooth.

These equipments will last my life time. I cant recommend them enough.

So see Sam and his awesome team at Sams Fitness and they'll look after you as they have me.

Review posted: 29/04/2019

Review by registered user.

Thanks so much for the great and fast service!
I have received my order within the day!

Review posted: 22/11/2018


I have a few items from Sam's and I am super happy. I have a small personal training studio (double garage size) and the equipment is space saving. I have major pieces that you find in any big commercial gym and this makes me super confident that my clients are not missing out.

Review posted: 06/08/2018

Shannen Fullbrook

We purchased our home gym in late Feb (the megatec multiplex multi gym) from Matt and Sam and have to say it is one of the best investments we have done. The most friendliest and professional staff from beginning to end was seamless. Highly recommend the service and product.

Review posted: 03/06/2018

Geoff Wiliamson

I have been purchasing Ironmaster equipment from Matt and Sam for close to 10 years. Their product knowledge is exceptional, as is their service. I wouldn't buy Ironmaster, weights, or attachments from anywhere else. Thanks, guys.

Review posted: 29/04/2018


Purchased the Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbell System from Sam, who offered excellent advice on what to purchase for my home gym.

Very happy, great quality product and service. Highly recommend coming here to see what Sam and his team have got to offer, if you are in the market for some equipment!

Review posted: 26/03/2018


I have two Megatec products from Sam's (the leg sled and the lat pulldown), in addition to multiple specialty bars and Spuds equipment. Sam's sells top quality gear at great prices, but it's the service that sets it apart. The phone support is second to none and they've performed miracles with deliveries.

You can't go wrong shopping at Sam's. I just wish I'd discovered them sooner.

Review posted: 15/03/2018


As advertised - genuine products. Absolutely love the prices, the postage speed and basically everything! Thank you!

Review posted: 02/02/2018

Review by registered user.

Amazing service and great products. I got the Barbarian Power Rack, I was going to go for a Rogue power rack but I am glad I didn't. I saw and used both products and I was much more impressed with the Barbarian. The staff at Sam's even helped me compare the two to make my decision! I was served by Mathew and he went out of his way to make sure I got exactly what I was looking for! Will be purchasing all future gym equipment from here!

Review posted: 06/12/2017

Steve Drew

Matt was extremely friendly and helpful both over the phone & in person. He offered quality advice & showed pride and conviction in his products and industry. Highly recommended. Thanks Matt and Sam's Fitness - I will be back for more gear.

Review posted: 17/11/2017

David Gillman

I don't very often leave customer reviews, but I felt I needed to make an exception in this case.

I just bought the Powertec "Workbench Multi" gym (with all the attachments!!) from Sam's and I am simply blown away by how good it is!

Not only does it look sensational (I chose the yellow - my wife reckons it looks like a "Transformer"!!) but it is probably the most "Commercial Grade" home gym I have ever come across. I have always wanted a free-weight leverage style gym, and the Powertec certainly fits the bill!

For anyone out there looking for a well built, commercial grade home gym that is compact in design and built to last (and looks ridiculously awesome!) look no further than Sam's Fitness and make sure you check out their Powertec Workbench Multi. It really is phenomenal. I can assure you that you won't be disappointed. Their pricing is extremely competitive, their gear is probably the best I have seen on the market and their service is second to none. (Make sure you speak with Matt, as he is an absolute legend!)


Review posted: 06/11/2017

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