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Very Happy. The customer service here is great. The guys really seem to know what there talking about too. Would recommend to anyone looking for home gym equipment. Will definitely be a repeat customer!!

Review posted: 22/10/2015


Excellent. No issues at all with the whole process, website was simple to use, ordered easily and then got my rack quickly. Shipping to Katherine was also at a great price! Will definitely recommend.

Review posted: 22/10/2015

Review by registered user.
Joey Ortega

Very pleased. I recently purchased a super bench due to my limited space at home. The product plus the dip, chin up and legs attachments are strong but easy to store. I'm a little guy and quite new to the whole gym experience. I can't remember the name of the big guy that served me on both my visits but he was understanding, helpful and really took the time ensuring I was getting the Best choice for my needs. Highly recommend these guys, can't wait to deal with them again

Review posted: 21/10/2015

Brodie Jones

Very happy. Good bit of gear, fast delivery, will happily purchase from again.

Review posted: 09/10/2015

Review by registered user.
Kimble Appleyard

Great honest business. Good prices, top quality gear, good shipping prices and fast shipping.

Review posted: 09/10/2015

Review by registered user.

A pleasure to do business with..!!! A very easy transaction from a user friendly website and the communication was excellent. The whole process was effortless and I have no hesitation recommending this business to others.

Review posted: 08/10/2015


Quality kit, excellent service. Loving my new home gym, from research to ordering to delivery, Sam's Fitness provided me with a frictionless experience. Thanks guys.

Review posted: 08/10/2015

Ashur Odisho

I found the Iron Master has excellent gym equipment. The brand that I purchased was Iron Master. It has excellent accessories to train with.

Review posted: 07/10/2015


I recently purchased a Home Gym off Sams Fitness & can honestly say that I am very satisfied with everything. They answered all my questions in a timely & friendly manner, The product arrived within 48 hours from interstate. I would definitely recommend Sams Fitness to anyone interested in purchasing gym equipment.

Review posted: 06/10/2015

Paul Irvine

Excellent customer service. Very happy with the prices and the experience. Door to door service fell 60km short as i had to pick up my package from the next town across, but as i live in the middle of nowhere (rural WA), that was pretty much expected. 100% happy with the quality and the service. Will definitely deal with Sams Fitness again.

Review posted: 02/10/2015

Anj D.

The first place I look for high quality gym equipment. It is very rare in todays world that you find an online retailer as personable, friendly and customer oriented. It is also rare to find a retailer that *only* carries high quality equipment, as opposed to wanting a high turn around of low-cost poorly built junk. At SamsFitness, the upshot is not only is the equipment solid, the prices are very competative. Every order from SamsFitness has been close to perfect. Quick delivery, spot on advice, and extremely quick replies to email. But most importantly, every bit of equipment has been stupendously good. Even things that you dont expect to be high quality, such as bench attachments, have been extraordinarily solid and functional - infact as good or better than stand alone equipment in the gym. I have got a few more bits to get to complete my home gym, and Sams will be where I go. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Review posted: 02/10/2015

Mark P

Good service, good products. Very good, Francis called to confirm my order almost immediately and helped me choose equipment that better suited my needs

Review posted: 02/10/2015

Review by registered user.
Scott from Eltham

I purchase a lot of stuff from Sams fitness and it always arrives in good time and in good condition. I have recommended them to my friends, who also say they are easy to deal with. I will continue to use Sams fitness for gym equipment.

Review posted: 02/10/2015


Satisfied customer. I received my order and was very happy. The whole experience was good and I would shop with this company again.

Review posted: 02/10/2015

Greg Solomons

Excellent Supplier of strength equipment. Sam's supplies very well chosen, quality equipment and charges reasonable prices. The kit is rock solid and the service and accessibility is excellent. Good gear. Good prices. Good people.

Review posted: 29/09/2015

Michael Ryan

Top notch products and service! After numerous purchases over the years I may be biased but the equipment speaks for itself. The Barbarian Line and Ironmaster are built to last and for the price are, in my opinion, the best I have used. The customer service is top notch and versatile... If you want to get in quick and get your order sorted give Sam a call, or Matt but you'll have to catch him in between his quarterly overseas trips to get married. If you're in no rush, or just feeling lonely, and have the next 3 hours free get Francis on the line! All jokes aside it says a lot about a businesses service when they all become mates. Couldn't recommend them more highly! (This review is subject to terms and conditions of the size of next discount lads)

Review posted: 28/09/2015


Great product, friendly service! Service has been fantastic. Delivery was extremely quick (2 days)! Great products, great quality. I'm actually very impressed :)

Review posted: 22/09/2015

Daniel DeBono

Honest, unbiased opinion. I have been a repeat customer of Sam's Fitness many, many times since 2009. This is due to their customer service which is always outstanding and the exceptional build quality of their products. I have purchased several Powertec, Ironmaster and Spud products over the years, and I know these products will really last a life time. The biggest problem with Sam's Fitness is that because their products and customer service is so damn good, you feel compelled to keep going back to them and buying more equipment. Great company.

Review posted: 20/09/2015

Review by registered user.

Great service, fast delivery & high quality products. Sams Fitness was easy to deal with, responded quickly to my enquiries (including calling me to let me know one of the items I had ordered wouldn't fit my other selections), organised super speedy delivery & overall were just excellent!

Review posted: 16/09/2015

Review by registered user.
Sanjeet Shrestha

Best Service Ever in Gym Equipments. After I found Sam's Fitness, I go to other provider only if I don't find the product I am looking for but it hasn't happened even once. I keep visiting this place and can't express in words how nice these people are in dealing with customers. I have no complains so far and I'll definitely go with Sam's Fitness in the coming days for upgrading and expanding my PT business. Thanks for being there Sam's Fitness.

Review posted: 15/09/2015

Chayn Smith

Best service. The times I have ordered from Sam's the service has been second to none. One of my orders the price dropped on the equipment I had paid for and was offered a refund of the difference or extra equipment to like values. Automated shipping was incorrectly calculated on another order (didn't notice) I was automatically refunded the correct amount by their own volition. (Again wouldn't have noticed). You are in safe hands when ordering with Sam's fitness, Matt especially goes above and beyond to keep customers happy.

Review posted: 14/09/2015

Review by registered user.
Keith Doolan

Powertec rack package. Well and truly exceeded expectations. I ordered this product sight unseen after reading other reviews. Construction and powder coating is perfect Dealing with the purchase was also a pleasure, from order to delivery As a certified PT I will be recommending Sams fitness and powertec products to other colleagues Keith Doolan. Taurean PT

Review posted: 12/09/2015


Very helpful and responsive. Always reply to emails very quickly. Prices seem to be competitive and equipment good quality for the price.

Review posted: 11/09/2015

Justin Cowper

Sam's Fitness is Australia's best online supplier of gym equipment. I have now purchased an entire home gym from Sam's Fitness and the pre and post service (including delivery) has been nothing short of phenomenal, especially given the leap of faith you take in making online purchases. Sam not only knows his stuff, he knows what others are selling online and is able to explain the differences so that both a novice and a professional will understand and gain value from his expertise.

Review posted: 11/09/2015


Always helpful, always reliable. We have bought a considerable amount of equipment from Sams Fitness over the last four years. Even when the purchase was a small one, the team at Sams were eager to help just as much as when we were making a big purchase. The team bent over backwards to give additional help when needed and any small issues were always rectified straight away. We would most definitely recommend Sams Fitness as a company and also the products they sell. Keep up the good work @ Sams!

Review posted: 10/09/2015



Review posted: 10/09/2015

Brent Basstian

Outstanding customer service, excellent products! I can't recommend Sams Fitness enough, they continue to go out of their way to satisfy their customers, I wouldn't even consider buying equipment off anyone else, the best by a mile.

Review posted: 10/09/2015

Emil Saad

Best equipment, friendly staff. People who are down to earth and not just sucking you in to get money then booting you out. Cant beat powertec and barbarian for a home gym.

Review posted: 10/09/2015

Maclean - Australia

All in all experience was ok. After nearly $3000 spend + a few glitches with bolts etc a follow up call a week or 2 or a month would've been nice to check how all was going. It is easier to keep/service/sell to an existing customer than find new ones. Apparently. Would be nice to hear of special offers on plates, new products etc as incentive to buy all through one seller/vendor. The Powertec gym and Ironmaster D' bells are faultless bits of kit

Review posted: 10/09/2015

Review by registered user.
Crush Fitness

My dealings with Matt and Sam at Sam's Fitness have been nothing but professional and courteous, I would highly recommend these guys to anyone working within the fitness industry, they have always been helpful and have sent out the equipment I have ordered ASAP with no problems at all, and with me dealing with them interstate this has been a huge bonus. Big thumbs up from me guys.

Review posted: 10/09/2015

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