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Spud Home Gym Pulley System

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Adding the Spud Econo Tricep and Lat Pulley to your power rack lets you perform all your high pulley exercises without the additional space or expense of a lat pulldown machine.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Inclusions Pulley system, Spud Short Ab Strap, Spud Loading Pin
Weight Load Capacity 550lbs or 250kgs

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Detailed Description

The Spud Inc Home Gym Pulley System is perfect for those of you who have a power rack and want to add some cable exercises to your workouts. Some power cages don't have a quality lat tower option available. Or you might not be in a position to spend that sort of money on one. This latest offering from Spud may be perfect for you.

  1. Versatile – Train your lats, triceps, rear delts and rhomboids using all your pulley favourites.
  2. Compact – Won’t take up extra space in your home gym. Just pack it away when you are done.
  3. Heavy Duty – The pulley is rated for 550lbs.
  4. Value – Comes standard with Spud Short Ab Strap and Loading Pin.

Home Gym Pulley System: The Ideal Budget Lat Pulldown Machine

If you got caught up in the whole "free weight training is everything" movement and bought yourself a functional style cage. You might be getting a bit bored with doing the same old movements.

Cable exercises are great for adding variety to your training, and they actually work! Whether it be accessory work, rehabilitation or just for some hypertrophy. There is a reason why some of the best trainers in the world still do them.

Even if you don’t have a power rack, you will still be able to rig something up. A ceiling-mounted chin-up bar would be perfect for it!

The Spud Short Ab Strap is included for free. This attachment will let you do ab crunches, tricep work and face pulls – which is one of my favourite exercises for rear delts.

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