Chest and Shoulder Machines

Chest and Shoulder Machines

Build Powerful Pecs & Delts

Chest and shoulder machines are designed for working specific upper body muscle groups without having to adjust your gym equipment between exercises, like when you are training on a power rack.

On a specialty machine you only need to make minor adjustments for your height, put on the weight and you can start training.

Although they are designed primarily for one or two exercises, our chest and shoulder machines often have dual functionality – they can perform multiple exercises. As they built for specific movements, they also can offer improved safety.

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Featured Chest and Shoulder Machines

Megatec Lever Arm Multi Press - Floor Model

Megatec Lever Arm Multi Press - Floor Model

Product Code: MT-LA-MP

We are slowly upgrading our showroom, which means that you will be able to find a good deal every once in a while, this time it is time for us to say goodbye to the Megat...

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$1,049.00 Ex Tax: $953.64

ATX Revolving Handle Attachment

ATX Revolving Handle Attachment

Product Code: ATX-RVH

Add some more variation to your Landmine attachment! Perform your shrugs, shoulder presses and Vikings press with the ATX Revolving Handle Attachment! Provides wrist comf...

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$345.00 Ex Tax: $313.64

ATX® Olympic Bench Press
See this in our showroom!

ATX® Olympic Bench Press

Product Code: ATX-OBM-650

Enjoy a multi-functional yet super-compact bench with the ATX® Olympic Bench Press! This adjustable, heavy-duty bench accepts Barbarian bench attachments.

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$1,175.00 Ex Tax: $1,068.18

Powertec or Megatec is ideal if your goal is to build bigger muscles by training to failure, especially if you are training alone.

Barbarian caters for the serious strength trainers. They are stand alone machines built for a hardcore gym environment.

All Other Chest and Shoulder Machines

ATX® Lever Arm Multi Press
See this in our Showroom!

ATX® Lever Arm Multi Press

Product Code: ATX-LMP-650

Bench press to failure without a training partner the safe way. Adjustable from decline press through to shoulder press. Plus great for rows and accepts optional accessor...

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$1,395.00 Ex Tax: $1,268.18

ATX® Dip Station

ATX® Dip Station

Product Code: ATX-DBS-740

Dips are one of the best upper body exercises around, so finally they are given the love they deserve in the form of the quality stand-alone station. This ATX® Dip Stati...

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$539.00 Ex Tax: $490.00

The Leverage Advantage

Megatec and Powertec both offer Leverage Multi Presses. These leverage machines have lever arms onto which you can load your Olympic weight plates. They have a start/stop bar, from which you lift off. This has the advantage of preventing the arms from pinning you if you can’t lift the weight.

The other advantage is that the arc of the lever arm closely mimics the arc of when you lift a barbell or free weight. It is a more natural movement than compared with a smith machine. Combined with no need to stabilise the bar, your chest and shoulder muscles are better isolated.

If your goal is to build bigger chest muscles by training to failure, then a Powertec or Megatec Leverage Bench Press is ideal. Especially if you are training alone.

Multi Functions

As the name suggests, the Megatec and Powertec Multi Presses both have multiple press positions. They do flat bench press, shoulder press, incline bench press and decline bench press. Effectively you are getting four machines in one.

The lever arms can also be used for other shoulder exercises like shrugs and upright rows. If you set the arms on the lowest position you can also do back exercises – barbell rows, one arm rows and prone rows.

Both the Powertec and Megatec machines also feature the docking station for their attachments. There are attachments for: leg extensions/leg curls, tricep dips, pec fly and preacher curl. Your chest and shoulder machine can become like a multi gym where multiple body parts can be trained.

These attachments also work on the Megatec and Powertec Barbell Bench Presses. The other similarity they share with the leverage bench press machines is that they can also do the four different bench press positions – flat, incline, decline and shoulder press.

Normally we wouldn’t recommend a dedicated bench press in a home gym or training studio situation. It is a lot of floor space to dedicate to a single exercise. But whether it be leverage or barbell, both the Powertec and Megatec machines offer a lot more functionality and would be a valuable addition in these environments.

For the Hardcore Trainers

Barbarian offers chest and shoulder equipment for the gym owner who is catering for the serious strength trainers. They are stand alone machines built for a single exercise in a hardcore gym environment.

The Barbarian Commercial Bench Press has been designed for competitive bench pressing in that it meets the specifications for powerlifting competitions. The bench pad and width are the required heights.

It has built in spotter arms to stop you from being trapped under the barbell. If you own a 24-hour gym this is an excellent safety feature for your members.

Gym owners will also like the protective sleeves on the bar supports. Not only do they dramatically reduce the wear and tear on your barbells it also reduces noise.

The Barbarian Dip Station offers a stand-alone option for this incredible valuable exercise. It is designed for big units with additional weight strapped to them – up to 300kgs! Wall mounted dip stations often can’t handle this much weight.

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