Kevins Powertec Multi Press Review

Kevin sent through a review of his Powertec Multi Press recently. It is a great review of what a Leverage Bench Press can do to your chest workouts…..

Hi Sam,

The most incredible, and unexpected, gain happened…+3/4″ chest! I thought my chest looked different lately. Even my girlfriend commented it had a chunkier appearance.

All my gains have been rapid, over a 2-week period, but I didn’t expect Powertec to deliver so soon! 🙂

My son used my Powertec bench for the first time yesterday, he’d been away camping. He was equally impressed with the feel and stimulus. I await hearing how bad his post-workout soreness is.

I know mine usually kicks in around the 12-hour mark…hence my rapid chest gain.

I found, to my delight, Powertec close-grip presses did a wonderful job on my tris! Like my chest, they induced a deep stimulus. Having never been a great dipper–once I exceeded 100kg–these do a wonderful job. Yet another movement to put my Powertec bench to use on. 🙂

I look forward to what lays ahead over the coming months as I progress in poundages. Looks like my quest for a 55″ chest is well on track!

Cheers, Kevin

Now if I read a review like this on some websites I would think it is a gee up – this was just another BS review made up to impress some poor unsuspecting customer. It all sounds too good to be true – well to a certain degree this is. In this case this is only part of the story. We initially copped a well deserved blast from Kevin, because we let him down with some quality issues.


As you may or may not be aware my Powertec purchase has been anything but smooth sailing!

One of the 6 bolts which holds the weight horns on was void of any thread…essentially a stud! Then today, after new bolts arrived, I find none of them worked as one of holes in the horn was defective! That’s 2 for 2, from an extra expense of ordering 1″ weight horns.

Having run many businesses in my time, I am sure you’ll admit this is far from ideal…from a customers perspective.

After out-laying over $1k, I never would have dreampt I’d have the issues I have had with this machine (I have been involved in the weight game since 1977)! And while aware you don’t make Powertec, you represent them, therefore poor workmanship reflects on your company. I have yet to use my machine, well over a week after I made my purchase. This hardly makes for any type of confidence placing an order again! I just hope, when all is finally fixed, it lives up to my expectations.

Disappointed! Kevin

Any fitness equipment retailer that tells you they don’t have any problems with their gym equipment is having a lend of you. Like nearly all products out there, from time to time you are going to have some dramas. In Kevin’s case we had a couple – Murphy’s law dictates that when you have one problem you will have another – so I can fully understand why Kev got pissed off. But in both cases we were able to get the spare parts out the next day.

But as you can see from Kevin’s final thoughts, even after our initial issues, the Powertec Multi Press has been delivering results. So in the off chance you do have issues with any of your purchases from Sam’s Fitness, you may have a week hold up in using your gym equipment, but afterward you will have a quality machine that you can use and enjoy for many, many years.

powertec multi press review