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Gym Cable wire extension for Cable Machines.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Inclusions 1 x Cable Extension + 1 x Carabiner

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Detailed Description

The extension rope will help you to utilize the full length of the cable on your Lat Machine. It is a must for exercises such as triceps pushdowns or cable rows where you will either hit the top of the machine with the carriage or are forced to active other muscle groups in order to get into the starting position.

These gym cable wire extensions are manufactured out of premium galvanized 6 x 19 Gym Cable with Fibre Core and Polyurethane coating.

For those who are not experienced measuring ropes in inches:

5" - approx. 13 cm.

7" - approx. 18 cm.

9" - approx. 23 cm.

11" - approx. 28 cm.

13" - approx. 33 cm.

15" - approx. 38 cm.

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Additional information

The carabiner is included with an extension wire rope.

Sold individually, just pick and choose which length rope you would like to purchase from the drop down menu.

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