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This is where we keep you updated on whats been happening at Sam's Fitness. We are not Australia's biggest supplier of gym equipment - you have to sell cheap rubbish to achieve that. Sam's Fitness specialise in quality gym equipment for home gyms, personal trainers, sporting clubs and gyms that are after quality weight training equipment at an affordable price.

P-LM13 Powertec Lat Machine Back - New and Improved.
The new Powertec Lat Machine P-LM13 is back in the Powertec line up after a short hiatus. The previous P-LM and P-LM10 were both solid pieces of gym equipment - they could handle well over 130+ kilos and still run super smooth. However the main criticism with the machine was that the range of motion was limited.   So the new P-LM13 model was designed with this specifically in mind. Range of Motion The range of motion has been extended in two ways. First is the seat section has been lowered. I actually proposed this fix after my friend performed this modification..
Busting the Powertec Bench Wobble Myth
Over the years I have read several times on forums about the wobble associated with the Powertec benches. We even started to get customers coming and raising the issue when checking the bench out. So I have decided to do a video that addresses the issue and shows you how to "tune" your Powertec gym equipment so that it will not only be rock solid, but will also be super smooth to use. First off I have to say that this bench wobble myth is like a lot of tales that get oxygen on social media platforms like forums etc. In this case somebody noticed that a poorly assembled Powertec bench had a ..
Setting up a home gym can be stressful. Especially if you are buying gym equipment online. You have to fork out a lot of money upfront, often without seeing the equipment first hand. Then you are at the mercy of the courier companies waiting for your delivery to arrive. Plus then there is the drama of assembling your gym equipment. If you find yourself stressing out, don't be shy, pick  up the phone and Matt will make you feel all at ease. Here is what Graham had to say after Matt spread some love around..... Hi Matt, No worries. Just letting you know I had a call from..
10 Weight Training Tips 1. Use a weight you can control with good form. 2. Never more than two days in a row without a break. 3. Never stretch a cold muscle 4. Workouts should last between 45-60 mins. 5. Large Muscle Groups Basic Trainers: 1 exercise per muscle group. No more than 2-3 sets per exercise. Intermediate Trainers: up to 2 exercises per muscle group. No more than 2-3 working sets per exercise. Advanced Trainers: No more than 2 body parts per workout. 3-4 exercises per muscle group with 2-4 working sets. 6. Rep Range Beginner Trainers: Use 1..
We often get asked if Powertec and Ironmaster are classified as commercial gym equipment. Strictly speaking the answer is no. They have primarily been designed for the serious home weight training. Both Powertec and Ironmaster design their equipment to have multi functions and compact footprints with generous load capacities required by the serious trainer.  However it is these design elements that have made both Powertec and Ironmaster popular amongst personal trainers and small gyms. Even more so in Australia where rents and commercial gym equipment is so much more expensive than..
Due to record sales in August and September, we are out of stock on some lines of Powertec gym equipment. On top of that, Powertec has been on back order of a lot of items due to the move of their factory at the start of the year. So they can't make the machines quick enough. So firstly we apologise for any inconvenience this will cause. The one positive though is that it just shows how popular Powertec is! We are currently out of stock of the following machines: If you buy a package that includes any of these items we will ship all the items that are in stock. Once the othe..
We got our first shipment of Spud Inc products and we will be getting more over the coming weeks. My first impression was WOW!. They have really nailed getting the right nylon webbing. Seeing the sort of things the Spud boys do with their products I obviously knew that the webbing would be strong. But what really suprised me was how soft it was to touch. So when it is tight on your skin it won't tear into your skin like other nylon or leather products. The webbing is perfect for the deadlift belt application. Normal leather deadlift belts can be brutal in the wear in phase...
Just thought I would share with you some pictures of some Australian Made gym equipment we are working on. We get asked often for Aussie made equipment, but with complicated machines like multi gyms it is impossible to compete on price with China. So we decided to get the ball rolling with some simple designs - things that we want to incorporate into our own training. Here is a great little wall mounted weight plate rack designed by our good mate Graham. His home gym is bursting at the seems so he needed to come up with an innovative way to store weight plates. It is also a gre..
After years of deliberating we have finally got into the bumper plate market. What took us so long? Well we have heard so many horror stories of bumpers getting destroyed after a couple of months that we wanted to make sure we could offer a quality product. When you think about it, the plates basically get abused with normal use. Dropping places a great strain on any equipment. So if it is cheap and nasty gym equipment it won't last too long! Our buddies from Maxim Fitness have been importing and distributing the DHS & Hercules Bumpers for years now. They have decked ou..
When I joined Sam’s fitness 4 years ago, I really didn’t know anything about training. I’d played rugby for a few years but never really took weight training too seriously. It wasn’t until I started training with Sam after work that I learnt to love training. Most days after work we would pack up and spend over an hour training together. Plenty of jokes and laughter in between sets, but took it seriously when we were lifting. I slowly dropped off the boil and was sick and tired of doing the same thing day in day out. Instead of looking for something different to..
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