Power Maxx - Weights & Accessories

To give you an indication of the quality of the Power Maxx products, here they are in St Kilda’s gym. You will recognise the Power Maxx premium plates that we have been selling for years.

The Power Maxx Dumbbell Sets are the commercial option. Manufacturers typically have different grade of product so we always opt for the better quality variant.

In the case of dumbbells, they fully weld the head on, instead of a spot weld. Many of the sellers that came on board in the covid era did not know about this, hence you will see many a dumbbell with spinning heads due to the spot weld cracking.

That is why we can not always compete on price with retailers who sell inferior items. The quality of the materials and the workmanship is just not the same. Gym equipment make look very similar in a picture, but there often some subtle differences that make a world of difference.

Our ATX and Ironmaster range are a level up in quality compared to the competition and will serve you well on your training journey. You want your barbells, dumbbells and weight plates to make that journey too. Power Maxx offers that level of quality to match the rest of the gear in your gym.