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Serious weightlifting requires a serious weight bench

A quality weight bench will be the real workhorse of your gym. It can be used for dumbbell work or with your power rack. The benches that have optional attachments work almost like a multi-gym. So if your weight bench will see a lot of action, it is critical to get one that can stand up to the abuse of heavy, regular training.

Adjustable Benches Flat Benches Bench Press

The most basic bench is the flat bench. These were the most common type of benches in the early days of weight training. Ironically, as strength training has reverted back to an emphasis on basic movements like bench pressing, flat benches have seen a resurgence. Some benches were designed to also go incline, which is great for those who want some variety. This allowed you to do different exercises in a variety of angles, like the incline bench press. The design of these flat incline benches is relatively simple, so they can be heavy-duty.

The incline benches were further developed to incorporate decline angles. These benches are commonly referred to as FID benches (Flat, Incline, Decline). For serious home gym users or personal trainers that are tight on space, the FID bench is very popular. You get to perform a variety of exercises from one workout bench.

  • Adjustable benches for greater comfort
  • Built like a tank
  • Cost-effective
  • Multi-functional with attachments
  • Space-saving design
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What’s wrong with a cheap gym bench?

If you are committed to your training, you need to invest in a quality bench. Although they might be twice the price or even more than a cheap bench, it is a sound investment that will pay dividends down the line. Since your bench sees a lot of work, the quality of materials used in a budget bench will only last a year or two, if you are lucky.

It is crucial for your bench to have quality upholstery. If you are lifting heavy, the cheap foam simply compresses and doesn’t offer you any comfort. Secondly, the padding is attached to a timber board. On cheap benches, this board cracks easily, making the bench almost useless.

What is more concerning is a bench made of poor quality materials combined with a poor design. This is dangerous. Often a large portion of the load is resting on a cheap pin or a welded joint between two pieces of paper thin steel. The factories that produce these benches aren’t liable for any injuries caused, so they will overstate their load capacities. If you are a serious trainer moving some serious weight, using a poor quality bench is an accident waiting to happen.

We stock the best & most functional benches in Australia

We have the best range of benches in Australia. All our benches are designed and produced by international companies selling in both Europe and the United States. Their benches have undergone independent testing and certification for their intended use. More importantly, they have been around for years and taken plenty of punishment in gyms around the world.

This is very important, particularly for FID benches. Their increased functionality means that they have more moving parts. More moving parts often mean a higher potential for instability. But whether you choose a ATX® or Ironmaster, your safety is guaranteed because all their benches are built like tanks.

The other reason we are known for stocking the best benches is the fact that our benches are the most functional. Several of our benches have optional attachments available, bringing you even more versatility to your gym.

A new age for the humble bench – versatility with attachments

Whenever you talk about versatility on a workout bench, the Ironmaster Super Weight Bench immediately comes to mind. It easily has the longest list of fair dinkum attachments. By fair dinkum, I mean you can actually use them for their intended purpose. So the leg extension will feel like a standalone leg extension machine.

When you start adding attachments to the Super Bench, it morphs from being a solid FID bench into a multi-gym. Whether it is for your home gym or studio where you need to pack a lot of exercises into each piece of equipment, the Ironmaster Super Bench will always be at the top of your list.

The ATX® benches also feature some handy optional attachments. They have leg extension and curl, leverage preacher curl, pec fly, Ab Crunch, and dip attachments. These are all quality exercises that can spice up your workout routine.

Quality guaranteed – all you need to do is choose the bench that’s right for you

My final word is that we probably have too many benches. It was easier back in the day when we only offered three benches. Today, some people get bamboozled by the variety we offer. So my advice is simple: don’t overthink the decision. By being selective with the brands that we stock, we have made your decision-making simpler.

All our benches are of superior quality and design. They will work properly for their intended use and last forever. So whichever weight bench you choose, you will be able to train hard for many years to come. If you need some assistance or guidance, we will only be too happy to guide you to the bench that will work best for your intended purpose.

BenchesFrequently Asked Questions

How High is a Gym bench?

A gym bench can vary in height. Most gym benches will be approximately 45cm high. This the height of benches used in IPF Powerlifting competitions. If you want to train seriously in bench pressing, then use a 45cm high bench.

Other benches may be higher or lower depending on their intended purpose or design. Some gym benches are designed for certain exercises or attachments. Or their adjustment mechanism might require a higher level for clearance.

Before purchasing a bench – if in doubt, find out!

How much does a Bench Weigh?

Benches come in many different designs, so there can be significant weight differentials amongst benches. A simple flat bench can weigh under 20kgs. While adjustment benches these days can weight around 50kgs.

How to move a gym Bench?

If you are a serious weight trainer there is only one way to move a gym bench – that is by picking it up. However, some are harder to pick up than others. Ladder bar style benches like the ATX-MBX-750 are a bit difficult to pick up. The back rest disengages – hence the reason they are made with wheels to manoeuvre around.

Most quality benches these days come with wheels. Some even have wheels at both ends. Even the heavier benches are easy to move round your gym once they are on their wheels.

No, you don’t need a bench for your home gym. I can vouch for this myself – I don’t have room! Don’t get me wrong a gym bench is one of the most versatile pieces of kit for a home gym. But I can guarantee that you can still have great workouts without one.

What you do need is some initiative and imagination. There are so many free resources on the internet by highly qualified trainers. Some specialise in minimalist training.

Whatever body part you want to focus on, there would be multiple exercises that you could perform without a bench at home.

How to Clean your Bench?

The best method of cleaning your gym bench will depend on its application. In a home gym where you or your family members are the only ones using it, cleaning will be a lot simpler. Have a rule that you always use a towel. This reduces exposure to moisture (sweat) plus also protects the upholstery.

My 2008 Powertec bench still has its original pad. It is showing no signs of wear and tear. I always use a towel. There are plenty of other people who have similar stories. If you do this, all you need to do is give the bench a wipe down every now and then to remove dust. You could use some auto upholstery spray if you wanted to add some shine.

If you are a gym owner, then you won’t need me to tell you that some people can be real animals when it comes to hygiene. Part of your cleaning routing should include a wipe down of the benches with some antibacterial spray. Just check on the label to see if is suitable for the materials that your bench is made from.

How to sit on a Gym Bench?

It may seem like an elementary question, but you would be surprised how many people get sitting on a gym bench wrong.

Most commercial gyms are filled with specialty equipment, where you would have a machine which covers individual body parts. If you want to do a bench press, it is rare that you will roll a bench into a power cage. Most gyms will have a dedicated bench press.

Most home and garage gym owners don’t have the funds or the space to equip themselves with 30 different machines. Instead, they opt for a tried and tested power cage and utility bench combo. With a bit of imagination can do much more than 30 specialty machines.

Your regular FID bench consists of two parts: the seat and the backrest pad. This point is worth keeping in mind when looking for a right bench.

Those who switched from commercial gyms to home gyms are used to using fixed benches. Fixed benches mostly have one continuous pad – like the ATX-COP-700 Combo Racks. It can not be moved or adjusted.

That is not the case when you bench press from an adjustable bench in a power cage or squat rack.

First you need to position the bench in the correct position. To determine the right position, put your backside on the seat pad. Then simply lie back.

Wherever your eyeline ends up on the backrest pad, is roughly where you want to position the bench under the bar.