Olympic Weight Plates

Increase resistance in your training

Whether you are free weight enthusiast or love your plate loaded machines, these plates will be perfect for most of your daily gym activities.

Our Olympic weight plates are made from high quality, cast iron and encased in rubber, as well as feature an internal diameter of 51mm. Making them suitable for most modern barbells and plate loaded machines.

The ergonomic design of our plates offer comfort & ease so you can safely carry two at a time and load them faster on barbells and plate machines.

  • Extremely durable design
  • Ergonomic grip handles
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Slim so you can load up your bar
  • Low odour rubber casing
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Convenient and reliable

There are quite a few ways to increase resistance in your training. You can either aim for a higher repetition range or chuck a few extra plates on the bar. Cast Iron plates are quite slim, so you don’t have to worry about maxing out the whole sleeve or weight horn space.

Weight plates don’t go out of date. Once you own them they will last you forever. Even though it might seem like a lot of money to spend just on weight, these plates will be with you throughout your weight training journey.

Besides, our basic Olympic weight plates offer such great value. They have been the same price for years and we have sold truckloads.

These plates are made from high-quality cast iron and encased in low odour, durable rubber. The rubber casing protects the weight from rusting, reduces noise and surface scratches.

The tri-handle design makes the plates comfortable to use. You can easily carry two plates at a time without fear of them slipping out of your hands.

They have three grip positions, so loading barbells and plate loaded machines takes less time. Save your time and energy for training, not weight loading!


The inner part of the handle is grooved, giving you a better grip. Try gripping a steel plate with sweaty hands after a heavy set.

The edges of the plate are also rounded, which makes them a lot safer when in use around the gym floor. Some cast iron plates have straight edges. Bumping into them can be quite painful to your shins!

But the best advantage of these grips is that they turn your weight plate into a piece of exercise equipment. Weight plate exercises – where you grip the plate and perform specified movements – are simple yet highly effective.

The shape alone of the weight plate makes certain exercises like oblique twists different to performing them with dumbbell or kettlebell. Having the grips and the rounded rubber edges gives you quality gripping options.

Do yourself a favour. Research some exercises that you can perform with weight plates and give them a try. You will be pleasantly surprised, albeit a little sore and sorry the next day as they can hit spots that you never knew you had.

Know What You Are Lifting

Our Olympic plates have weight markings that will never wear off!

The plates feature elevated weight numbering in both pounds and kilos.

These plates also come with stainless steel inner rings, this protects the sleeves on your barbell or machine from being scratched.

Power Maxx Premium Plates

Our base plate is a common design and is therefore seen in many gyms. For those of you who want to have a smarter looking plate we have the Power Maxx Premium Plates. They offer a different design with some cool features and they are very affordable.

Subtle Features

Interlocking design prevents the plates from rotating. This reduces the torque produced by any explosive lift, making the lift feel smoother. As these plates are thicker, this design feature enables you to fit more plates on your barbell.

The Premium Plates come with an encased Power Maxx Logo and two weight numberings: one encased and one elevated.  This makes identifying the weight easier. Plus, for those who are looking to make their gym a showpiece, a point of difference to the run of the mill Olympic plates.

These plates are also covered in high quality, low odour rubber.  Making them perfect for anyone who wants to set up a gym in their spare room.

Olympic Weight PlatesFrequently Asked Questions

What is the Diameter of an Olympic Weight plate?

The diameter of an Olympic weight plate will vary. Olympic bumper plates are all 450mm.

General purpose Olympic weight plates vary based on the brand, style, and weight. So, the lighter plates will have a smaller diameter, and increase as the weight goes up.

Outside of competition weight plates, there are no universal specifications for weight plates.

Are all Olympic Weight Plates the same?

Olympic in the Olympic Weight refers to the inner hole diameter. Olympic weight plates are designed for use with Olympic Barbells. Which are 50 mm or 2” in diameter.

But not all Olympic weight plates are identical. The inner hole diameter can vary from 50 mm all the way up to 52 mm.

While it may seem like a minor deviation, it can be the difference between you being able to use your weight plates on your bar/machine or not.

Powerlifting and Competition Bumper weight plates tend to have a tighter fit with the inner hole diameter being around 50.4 – 50.5 mm. This exceptionally snug fit reduces vibration/clattering of the weights. Allowing you to spend less energy trying to stabilize the barbell.

Downside of these plates is that they are designed to be used with barbell which are also manufactured to tight tolerances. Cheaper barbells and some of the Olympic Weight Horns used on plate loaded machine can have a width deviation of 0.5mm. This usually leads to the weight getting stuck midway on the weight horn.

Training Bumper Plates and Weight Plates designed for general strength training have inner hole diameter of 50.8 mm and up making them suitable for use with weight training machines and any Olympic weight training barbell.

How Much Weight Is One Plate

You may here people talking about their lifts in terms of plates. For example, for squats, I warm up with 2 plates. Or Big Matt Grimshaw can bench 6 plates for reps.

A plate in this case is a 20kg or 45lb weight plate. The plate count is based on a side only. So a 2 plate squat is 100kg.