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Nearly all weight trainers would have dumbbells in their top 3 essential pieces of gym equipment. I can’t think of any other piece that is as versatile as a pair of dumbbells. But the reason why they are so essential is that the exercises you can do with dumbbells are often the most effective. That is why you will nearly always see some lying around in any gym.

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But I’ve got a home gym, why dumbbells?

Dumbbells have been around since the beginning of weight training. The list of exercises that you can perform with them is almost endless! You can train every body part using dumbbells, and many of these dumbbell exercises would even be regarded as the most effective out of all the variations. Despite all the technological advancements since the start of weight training, dumbbells still reign supreme.

Even better, dumbbells deliver great value for your money, given their high level of versatility and effectiveness. Plus they don’t take up a lot of space as compared to a bulky machine who offers less than half the exercises that a pair of dumbbells can. A rack of fixed dumbbells is the most expensive option, but still an outstanding investment considering they are not going to be superseded by a new design or piece of equipment, unlike spending money on a TV which becomes outdated in a year.

So what’s your limitation – money or space?

In many cases, your choice of dumbbells will come down to these two factors.

If you have loads of money and space, you will naturally get a rack of fixed dumbbells. This means you will have a pair of dumbbells for each weight increment. The more money and space you can afford, the greater range of weights with smaller weight increments you can choose from. These are the racks of dumbbells that you will typically see in gyms. But dumbbells have never been more affordable so many home gym owners are now treating themselves to these pro style set-ups.

If you have a limited space, but don’t mind spending a bit of extra money, you can opt for quick change adjustable dumbbells like the Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbells. These dumbbells offer a range of weight configurations and their weight increments are designed to be adjusted quicker than normal adjustable dumbbell sets.

Suitable for any budget or environment

If you are tight on space and budget, you can get standard dumbbells or Olympic dumbbell handles. The best way to describe these is like mini barbells for your hands. Just like barbells, you put the weights on and secure them in place with screws or spring collars.

The disadvantage of this arrangement is that they take longer to change between weights. Plus you can’t do all the exercises you can otherwise do with a fixed dumbbell. Standard dumbbell handles are fixed in length regardless of the weight, whereas fixed dumbbells have shorter handles for lighter dumbbells. So some isolation exercises are difficult to do with standard dumbbells as the handles are just too long.

But like all hurdles in the gym, part of the fun of training is finding ways around these constraints.

Typically, these quick change adjustable dumbbells come with stands, which also makes them easier and safer to use in the gym as you don’t have plates and handles lying everywhere on the floor.

All our fixed dumbbells from Power Maxx are of commercial quality. You may pay a bit extra, but you are getting a better quality product that will withstand the demands of hard training. We have been selling these Power Maxx dumbbells for over 10 years. They have been used – and tested – in gyms all around Australia all this time.

Affordable, flexible, value for money

Our rubber hex dumbbells offer you a more affordable option to owning fixed dumbbells. Their manufacturing process is simpler compared to the round rubber dumbbells which explains the difference in price. But they are still highly effective, which is one reason why these are frequently seen in CrossFit boxes.

Round rubber dumbbells are what you will find in most commercial gyms. Being round does not only make them more aesthetically pleasing, but it also comes with its own advantages. You can simply roll heavy round dumbbells to your bench and save your energy for your lifts. When dropped, round dumbbells offer a more predictable bounce, whereas rubber hex dumbbells can shoot off in all angles.

Our Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells are referred to as the World’s Strongest Adjustable Dumbbells. They have expansion kits out to 70kgs per dumbbell which gives you an indication of their durability. They are the perfect adjustable dumbbells for the hardcore lifter, and have been sold worldwide for many years now.

Regardless of your preferred choice of dumbbells, we guarantee that all our dumbbells for sale will give you loads of quality exercises, in a relatively small footprint, for many, many years. Even if you decide to go for the more expensive options, you can be confident that their quality and durability will give you great value for your money. Besides, I do not see any other gym equipment replacing them in a hurry!

DumbbellsFrequently Asked Questions

Are Dumbbells good for Beginners?

Dumbbells are a great way to start your strength journey. Dumbbells are extremely versatile. They are a lot more affordable than a rack and barbell. You can grab adjustable dumbbells so you can vary the weight as you get stronger.  

They can be used pretty much anywhere. From a bench to the floor, and even standing. You can do compound movements like bench press, squats, and deadlifts with them.  

Dumbbells are also a great way for doing isolation exercises. They can really target the muscle. Get an old-school bodybuilding book and you will see a mind-boggling number of movements that you can do.  

You also don’t need a lot of room to store them, unlike a larger piece of gym equipment.  

Can you Gain muscle with just Dumbbells?

You could build an incredibly impressive physique with dumbbells alone. There are so many exercises that can be performed with dumbbells. Every muscle group can be trained extensively. Old school bodybuilders relied heavily on dumbbells and came up with some great movements. 

Hitting legs will require some thinking outside the square – especially if you have learnt your trade in a commercial gym. Muscles grow with progressive overload. You just have to find the right dumbbell leg exercises where you can keep adding weight.  

What weight Dumbbells should I use?

There is no one size fits all answer to this. It will depend on several things. First, what can you lift. Before you start to train, you need to work out what you can realistically lift for each exercise. The easiest and safest way to do this is take a very light weight and lift it with correct form. If it is easy, then gradually work your way up until you find a weight that makes you work.  

The second factor is what exercises you will be doing. You can lift a lot more doing a one arm row compared to a concentration curl.  

The weight used will also depend on your goals. How many reps/sets you plan to do for each exercise. You don’t want to start too heavy as you won’t be able to finish your sets. And being too light, may not have the desired effect with your training. 

In summary, if you are starting out you need to invest some time into working out dumbbells you will use in your training program. It always best to err on the side of caution and start lighter. Always focus on correct form. If you are getting through your sets easily go up in weight. Also, you can add a couple of extra reps to each set. 

If you are looking for guidance on purchasing dumbbells, the same rule applies. You might think lighter dumbbells will be become redundant as you get stronger. My 2.5kg dumbbells at home are frequently used for warmups or as a finisher at the end of a set.