Ironmaster 75 LB Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell Set – No Stand

Don’t compromise on quality or safety. While many adjustable dumbbells in the market tend to break or malfunction, Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells are built to last a lifetime. Made with unparalleled quality, the dumbbells promise a realistic workout experience, mirroring the feel of traditional dumbbells. Bid goodbye to cheap, plastic components. With Ironmaster, you’re investing in solid, durable, and reliable workout equipment.

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World's Most Reviewed Adjustable Dumbbells

Product Features

Complete Set: Comes with two chrome-plated steel handles, four locking screws, 24 (5 lb) plates, and 4 (2.5 lb) plates. Starting weight per dumbbell is 10 lbs before adding plates

29 pairs adjustable dumbbells
Patented Quick Lock Adjustment

Quick-Lock Technology: Change weights seamlessly with our patented Quick-Lock handle design. Swap plates with a mere twist of the locking screws

Versatile Weight Range: Transition between 5-75 lbs on each dumbbell, in increments of 2.5 lbs. That’s a combined weight of 150 lbs for the set.

Adjusting Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells
solid steel construction

Lifetime Warranty: We trust our product. It’s backed by a straightforward lifetime warranty.

Rugged Design: Made for serious workouts. Ditch the worries; these are built without fragile parts or plastics. Drop them if you have to!

Quick Lock Dumbbell Features
Compact Adjustable Dumbbells

Realistic Dumbbell Experience: Enjoy a rattle-free workout. These adjustable dumbbells lock tightly and give you the traditional fixed weight dumbbell feeling, with versatile grip options.

Compact Dimensions: Max size of 6.7″ x 14.5″ at 75 lbs, and a mere 9″ at 20 lbs. Handle grip has a 1.25″ diameter with 6.5″ width inside for gripping.

Dumbbell Length
Flat Dumbbell Ends

Dual Measurements: Plates are conveniently marked in both LBS and KGS for international appeal.


  1. Ironmaster Micro Plate Kit  Ideal for micro loading dumbbells in the smallest increments! 
  2. Ironmaster Quick-Lock Add On Kit Expand the base kit to 54 kgs.
  3. Quick Lock Dumbbell 165lb Kit Second addon kit allowing you to push the dumbbell weight to 70 kgs
  4. Ironmaster Heavy Handle Kit increase the base weight of the dumbbell handle by 15 lbs (6.8kgs)
  5. Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbell Stand – The base dumbbell stand.
  6. Ironmaster QLDB Stand PRO – PRO Stand with increased loading space and dedicated screw holders.

Decades of perfection – Ironmaster old quick-lock design was sold to Hoist. While it was quicker to change than the current design,  it wasn’t as safe as a combination of chipped paint and a slightly loose pin would increase the chance of the plates dropping on your face.

Product Specifications

Weight 70 kg



Chrome-plated steel handles with knurled grips


1 pair of Quick Lock Handles, 24 x 5lb plates and 4 x 2.5lb plates.

1 review for Ironmaster 75 LB Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell Set – No Stand

  1. Josh Coverley

    Absolute quality dumbbells.

    Solid construction, no rattling, look amazing, grip extremely perfect knurling.

    Was worried changing weights would be slightly annoying but surprisingly fast … and satisfying (might just be me)

    At first length of grip ( quite long compared to normal ) felt a bit strange but quickly got used to it. May get the add-on that addresses this.

    100% satisfied with the purchase.

    Thanks Sam’s fitness and iron master

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