Product Returns

Product Returns Due to Warranty Issues

.If your product is damaged and you need to return it, please Contact Us to make the arrangements within 14 days of the purchase. Please put the product back into the original packaging and we will arrange the pick up for you.

Change of Mind Policy

We don’t actively promote a Change of Mind Policy for the following reasons:

  • If people use a product, don’t like it and then return it – what happens to that product? We would never send out a used product unless clearly specified. We would have to sell the returned product at a discount. These returned products would add another cost to our business. Our aim is to reduce costs so we can offer better prices.
  • We sell reputable, global brands like ATX, Ironmaster, GymFloor & Spud Inc. They are market leaders and you can read reviews from around the World so you know you are getting a quality product.
  • Companies that promote these policies to capture extra sales rarely highlight the true cost of actually making a return.

What is the cost of making a return? Say you buy a bench for $700. Shipping to say Melbourne or Brisbane is $150 because the transport companies requires the bench to be on a pallet. This incurs a tail lift fee. In the T&C’s you are required to arrange and pay for the transport back. This will most likely be more expensive.

Even if it is only $150, you will now only be getting back $400 at this point as the transportation costs are non refundable. Retailers also may apply a 10 to 15% restocking fee. My feeling is that if most people knew this, the Change of Mind policy may not be a reason to buy the bench. As such I find that these policies are a little misleading and why I personally do not like it.