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Rubber Grips: Whether you prefer soft or hard variations, our rubber grips offer an ideal replacement for worn-out handles. Their easy installation process means you can slide them onto your equipment with minimal effort. Using a non-petroleum based lubricant can make the process even smoother. Our rubber grips predominantly feature closed ends, but for those who prefer an open design, our End Caps are the perfect solution.

Nylon Grips: Crafted for durability, our nylon grips are less prone to wear and tear. While they provide a sturdy grip, they don’t adhere to equipment handles as closely as their rubber counterparts, offering a different tactile experience.

Aluminum Grips: Enhance your grip strength with our grooved and knurled aluminum grips. They not only offer superior hold but, when paired with our Aluminum End Cap and Collar, ensure the grip remains securely in place. The rotational feature of these grips also means added comfort and protection for your hands during workouts.

Grip Ends – Caps & Collars: These versatile additions serve a dual purpose – they can cap off an open tube end or introduce a rotating grip feature to equipment that lacks it, optimizing your training sessions.