Bench Press

Freestanding bench presses feature improved safety, stability, and comfort compared to your traditional utility bench and squat rack set ups.

We stock a few different bench presses, some are built to IPF specifications and designed for elite level powerlifters. Others are simple adjustable benches tailored for everyday bodybuilding and strength training enthusiasts.

ATX® have designed a wide range of optional attachments for their ATX® Bench Presses to help you make the most of your training. Compatible attachments will be shown in the product listings.

  • Designed and Engineered in GERMANY
  • Certified to European Standards
  • Exceptional Safety and Stability
  • Expandable via ATX® Optional Attachments
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Which bench press is the best for you?

A bench press is a big investment, so to help guide your purchasing decision we’ve included everything you need to know about each bench below.


The ATX® Olympic Bench Press 700 has been designed as compact yet extremely sturdy solution for gyms who want a dedicated bench press station. It has been manufactured to IPF specifications, meaning that both the height, length and width of the pad are going to be identical to the one used in competition.

The J-hooks can be adjusted in 2.5cm increments and feature a high quality UMHW nylon protector. Which protects the barbell from damage and significantly reduces noise while training.

The safety

The spotter arms of this freestanding bench press can be adjusted 11 times in 2.5cm increments. The 50cm long safety catchers have a raised lip at both ends to prevent the bar from rolling off, and sit flush to the main upright making it impossible for the bar to fall into the gap.


The frame has been manufactured out of 70 mm x 70 mm x 3 mm thick steel and is held together by thick reinforcement brackets and 20 mm thick bolts. Combine it with industry leading precision engineering and you’ve got yourself a bench press which can safely handle weights of over 500kg!

Is this the right bench for you?

The IPF Specifications, improved safety features, commercial certificate and single foot design makes this bench ideal for any serious bench presser and strength training studio.

But the lack of lever adjustment system could be problematic for the 24/7 gyms, as the locking pins can be easily removed and misplaced.


The ATX® Olympic FID Bench Press has been designed as the ultimate bodybuilding and strength training orientated bench. It has a total of 15 back rest pad adjustment positions ranging from -10 to 82.5 degrees allowing the user to work a range of muscle groups.

Space Saving & Versatile Design

The ATX-MBX-650 FID Bench has been extremely popular between weight trainers for a few good reasons, that’s why you’ll find the base of this bench in other machines, such as the ATX® Olympic Bench Press and Lever Arm Multi press.

One of the reasons behind its success is the smooth and sturdy roller adjustment system, which allows the user to change the angle of the bench within seconds.

The main advantage of the Roller Adjustment System is that the bench footprint remains the same even when you are changing the positions. This allows you to push the bench and the back rest pad right against the wall – perfect for anyone who is tight on space.

This bench also accepts the optional ATX® Attachments such as ATX Leg Lift/Leg Curl, Pec Fly, Ab Crunch, Tricep Dip and even Bicep Curl!

Designed for Bodybuilding and not Powerlifting

The ATX® Olympic FID Bench Press features three sets of J-hooks: one set for your flat/incline pressing, one set for decline pressing and a set of J-hooks in the back which allows you to do squats.

The three sets of J-hooks allow you to perform countless variations of pressing exercises, the only downside being that the J-Cups are bare metal and wear out the knurling on your barbell faster than covered J-Hooks.

The other feature which favours the bodybuilders is the narrowing back rest pad. It gives your shoulders and rotator cuff muscles more room to breathe and provides you with a better muscle stretch due to increased range of motion. If you are a powerlifter it is a tad suboptimal as you are trying to reduce the range of motion and not increase it.

Is this the right bench for you?

If you are into bodybuilding, strength training or even run a small personal training studio – this bench is the way to go. It has an extremely compact footprint especially considering the list of exercises it brings.

If you are into powerlifting, we would not recommend this bench press, the steel j-hooks and narrowing back rest pad are not ideal for this type of training.


As the name suggests, the ATX® Bench Press Rack is one of the safest and most versatile bench presses out there. It has been certified for commercial use and comes with a safe working load of 600kg!


The uprights of the ATX® Bench Press rack have been manufactured out of 80 mm x 80 mm x 3 mm thick steel and the whole station is held together by 8 mm thick reinforcement brackets. The combination of high-quality materials bring the dead weight of this machine to 131kg, and that’s without any accessories!


The price and the weight can be quite off-putting for those who were looking to add a bench press to their home gym. But then again, this bench has never been designed for use in a garage gym, instead it has been carefully engineered to withstand all the use and abuse it would get in a commercial gym setting.

This bench press station is the safest on the market. All the components have been manufactured using CNC and Robot welding machines, so it has no failure points.

The four upright design is by far the safest one. There are no gaps in between the safety spotters so the barbell can’t fall into a gap or roll of the end of the safeties and pin/crush the user.

The elevated and enlarged spotting platform not only ensures that the spotter has a stable ground to stand on, but also ensures they perform the movement safety. By being so much higher off the ground the spotter can deadlift the barbell of your chest as opposed to try and bicep curl it.

Create your own

The structural rigidity, safety and monstrous weight load capacity are only a small part of what makes this rack great. By owning an ATX® Bench Press rack you will have access to an ever growing list of optional attachments.

This will let you to create the bench press rack you want for your specific training/gym needs.

Choose from Monolifts and Roller J-Hooks to Safety Strap System and Flip Down spotter arms.

Is this the right bench for you?

Unless you are hardcore powerlifter or an elite level bench presser, you will find very little use of this bench in a home gym.
It has been designed for commercial use and comes with relevant certification to back it up.


The crème de la crème of the ATX® Bench Press range. This Competition combo rack features a squat and a bench press station which can handle weight loads of up to 750kg!

It has been tested by the strongest Powerlifters in many International and national competitions all across Europe, and since its introduction here in Australia it has found its way into many powerlifting gyms.


The ATX® Combo Rack has been manufactured out of 3mm & 4mm thick tubular steel alongside 8mm thick reinforcement brackets and 20mm thick bolts. This recipe of materials brought the base weight of this rack to a whooping 238kg!


If you are going to put a stamp with a safe working load of 750kg on the rack, you have to make sure that the safeties can handle it too.

The ATX® Combo Rack Safety Spotter Arms are 66cm long! They can be adjusted in 2.5cm increments using a 20mm thick adjustment pin. With the lowest setting being 61.5cm and the maximum 89cm.

The German engineers have also eliminated a couple of serious engineering flaws which can be seen in quite a few combo racks. One of them being the gap in between the main upright and safeties where the barbell could fall into. The other is the added lips, one at the front of the safety bar to act as a face saver and the other and the end to prevent the barbell from rolling off.

Is this the right bench for you?

Needless to say, this bench is not designed for home use, unless you are an elite level powerlifter or have the space and the money.

It has been specifically designed for powerlifting and strongman gyms where improved safety and high weight load capacity is a must.