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It is no use having the world's best home gym and spending thousands on gym equipment if you are not eating right. The eating plans are basic and easy to follow. The recipes are healthy and making eating good food easy. We also have some great tips on supplementation as well. Don't bother with supplementation unless you are eating right.

A healthy diet can help muscle growth.

This diet is designed for people who are looking to get the correct nutrition while weight training. Muscle growth is the body’s response to the overloading of muscles through weight training. The muscle growth process requires certain essential nutrients – the Basic Weight Training Diet ensures that your body has all these bases covered. The […]

Keith was looking for a diet for weight training. Having good gym equipment is only part of the key to getting good results from weight training. You need to know how to set up a weight training program and back it up with the correct diet to get the desired results. This is what Keith […]

Proper weight training meals are essential if you want to get results in the gym. Preparing meals is easy to do when you are not flat out. But when you are busy it can be hard to find the time. This has happened to me recently with work and family commitments. So to get back […]

Lance explains below the importance of pre and post nutrition for your workouts in gaining strength and muscle. This is a really important area. It doesn’t matter if you have the world’s best home gym filled with mickey mouse gym equipment. If you are not getting the right nutrition you will simply not get the […]

I am on a high protein low carb eating plan at the moment which means chicken, steak and tuna every day. You really need to change things up every now and then because there is nothing worse than struggling through your meals.

If you love your weight training and want to take it to the next level and build some serious muscle, it is wise to get some expert advice on bodybuilding diet. So I just thought I would share my experience with Brad Turnbull. It is no use having the world’s best home gym in your […]

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