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This is where we keep you updated on whats been happening at Sam's Fitness. We are not Australia's biggest supplier of gym equipment - you have to sell cheap rubbish to achieve that. Sam's Fitness specialise in quality gym equipment for home gyms, personal trainers, sporting clubs and gyms that are after quality weight training equipment at an affordable price.

A lot of fitness equipment retailers offer free shipping. We don’t. Trust me transport companies don’t do any freebies. Free Shipping is a myth and I will explain why. Recently we were called out by a member on the Facebook group Garage Gyms Australia for charging exorbitant shipping. The member was located in country NSW […]

The covid pandemic managed to convert more people to home training virtually overnight than anyone thought possible. Imagine a large portion of gym-goers all trying to buy gym equipment all at once. This sent demand through the roof – and sadly, prices too. When the prices went up people thought they could make a killing. […]

Sam’s Fitness will be closed from Thursday 6th March until Monday 10th March 2008. We are sponsors of the IFBB Australian Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix VIII.

21st May 2020 – Thursday Update In all the updates I apologise for not getting back to messages, but I probably not have explained the reason why properly. In a nutshell, I don’t know what to say! Plus we have found that answering a question, leads to more questions, and you are missing more emails […]

I have accepted my nomination to compete in the Asia Pacific Classic Bench Press Championships – Open 93kgs division. Previously, I was a junior competitor but now that I am 24, I have to move up to the Open division. For those of you who aren’t followers of Powerlifting in Australia, this does not make […]

Our Outbak products have been flying out the door. Just thought I would let you know we have expanded the range with some great new products. It took me a while, but when I found the Outbak range I knew I was on a winner. The products are all great quality and very reasonably priced. […]

Looking for a replacement gym cable? Unlike a lot of our competitors we like to make sure that our customers get years of use from their gym purchases. Our gyms are built to last, some are getting close to 15 years old and still going strong. After an innings this long they deserve a bit […]

I’ve just came back from the World Classic Bench Press Championships which was held in Vantaa, Finland. It has been amazing experience to compete alongside world class athletes wearing green and gold. Massive thanks to Sam’s Fitness, everyone in Australian Powerlifting Union for making this happen and my Life Coach/Mentor Matt “Trunk” Grimshaw. Without the […]

When did you first start lifting? I started training in 2010 and everything was perfect up until I graduated from high school in Lithuania. There are very few opportunities for work and careers in Lithuania, so I decided to work in the United Kingdom. I was working five to six days a week with twelve-hour […]

We talk to a lot of people who read about the positive benefits of weight training and want to start training with their own home gym. So many training styles For those just getting started, the variety of different sports can make it difficult to know where to start. Bodybuilding, powerlifting, power building, weightlifting, crossfit […]

If this doesn’t convince you to set up a home gym, then nothing will! A recent study by Fit Rated revealed some pretty interesting findings… Gym equipment like free weights – dumbbells and barbells – has up to 362 time more bacteria than a toilet seat! Which to me, is really no surprise, when you […]

We have started adding the ATX line of Power Racks and Cages to our range. They are relatively unknown in Australia, but a rapidly growing brand in Europe. So I thought I would give you a bit of background on how they came about. Certain American brands have grown in popularity with the explosion of […]

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