More About ATX®

The market for gym equipment is crowded. We are really spoiled for choice. For some it makes purchasing gym equipment confusing. What makes ATX® different from the competition are their unique original designs. Plus, they take old favourites and apply their design flair.

The ATX Difference

ATX® offer a range of products for both entry-level and advanced training. Their bread and butter is the middle ground between the high end commercial gym equipment and cheap domestic products. Making ATX® perfect for gyms, personal trainers and serious home trainers.

Take for example the ATX® Leg Extension Leg Curl Machine. A QUALITY full commercial unit with a weight stack is going to be close to or more than $5k. Plus it will have a sizable footprint. Cheap units are pretty much useless – they just don’t feel right. Plus the quality (or lack thereof) of materials means that they won’t hold up to sustained serious training.

The ATX® machine offers the feel and durability of a high end commercial leg extension at a fraction of the price. As a bonus it is much more compact. This is achieved by using leverage as the resistance source versus a pin loaded weight stack.

Constant Evolution.

Despite becoming a market leader in Europe, ATX® refuse to rest on their laurels. They continue to innovate and bring new products to their range. Plus improve or add options for their existing products. The ATX® power racks by themselves are impressive. But ultimately they are just power racks and there are plenty of other good quality power cages on the market.

What makes the ATX® power racks so popular is the list of attachments that are offered. At the moment it is mind blowing. But the list keeps getting bigger, transforming your humble power rack into a highly functional multi gym.

A Brand You Can Trust

The ATX® brand is the culmination of nearly 40 years of industry experience. It is definitely not a fly by night company. Quite the opposite, the brand has exploded in popularity in recent years. Check them out on social media (#atxbarbellclub) and you can see for yourself they are highly regarded in the fitness community.

However, in Europe you need more than the approval of your customers. The EU has standards and guidelines for gym equipment that is sold in the common market. At present Australia has none. ATX® equipment is certified to meet the standard relevant for the European market.

Although it is a European standard, it is still relevant in Australia. Using gym equipment that meets European standards may make it easier and cheaper for you to secure insurance for your gym or personal training studio.

ATX Now IPF Approved

The latest jewel in the ATX® crown is that they have now been officially approved by the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). This means that the IPF Approved ATX® products can be used in all IPF powerlifting competitions. Whether it be your local comp or the World championships.

For people that are familiar with powerlifting, and those that are not, this is gives you an indication of the quality and durability of ATX® products. They now join premium brands like Eleiko, Rogue, Uesaka and Ivanko as suppliers of IPF Approved powerlifting equipment.

Just like the rest of their range, ATX® IPF approved products feature innovative design and premium quality at an affordable price.