Powerlifting Plates

Powerlifting specific plates also known as competition plates or Powerlifting discs are designed for people who are training for competitive Powerlifting or specialises in Strength Sports. These plates are manufactured to conform to highest quality standards. They are calibrated to offer minimal weight deviation, slimness and good looks for even better price.

  • Certified for commercial use
  • Heavy duty quality
  • IPF specification
  • Minimal weight deviation
  • Chrome plated surface
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Who would want to buy Powerlifting plates?

You should train the same way you are going to compete. Stepping on the powerlifting stage can be quite nerve wrecking, last thing you need is to be thrown off guard by equipment which you have never used before.

Powerlifting specific gyms which specialise in strength sports would benefit the most from these plates. They offer minimal deviation and can be applied to a variety of different exercises. They are also perfect for serious home powerlifters. They offer competition specifications and minimal weight deviation.

ATX Powerlifting Plates

All of our Powerlifting Plates are manufactured by ATX, a leading German gym equipment brand.

All of the plates are cablibrated, colour coded, and come at an amazing price compared to many other European Brands.

Powerlifting Plate Colours

The colours on the plates do mean something – they are the standard colours used by the IPF and IWF in order to easily identify the weight on the bar.

Red – 25kg
Blue – 20kg
Yellow – 15kg
Green – 10kg
White – 5kg

The colours of fractional plates aren’t regulated, so they often come in different colours.

Don’t get sucked in by the looks

These plates do look extremely good. However, they are not designed for everyday gym use. Chrome/Powder coat can be quite slippery.

These plates do not have handles, making it much harder for you to carry them around.

Because they are so thin, they cannot be used for Olympic lifts. If you were planning on snatching and cleaning and jerking in your garage, you should opt for bumper plates.

Some of the plate loaded machines have limited loading space. This can be solved with Thin Powerlifting Discs. Just in this case, you won’t be taking the plates on and off, but keeping a plate or two either side as your starting weight.

Why do powerlifters not like bumper plates?

Powerlifters don’t like bumper plates for one simple reason – they’re too thick.

If you compare the diameter of our 25kg chrome powerlifting plate to one of our 25kg coloured bumpers, you’ll see the bumpers are about 4 times as thick. This means you’re unable to fit as much weight on the bar.

Considering the sleeves on a powerlifting bar are about 30cm, that means you could fit 13 powerlifting plates on either side, or 3 bumper plates. At the higher levels of competition you’d be hard pressed to find someone who would be happy with a training limit of 170kg, so thinner plates are needed.

Please note: These plates adhere to IPF specifications; however, they are not certified for use in World, Continental, Regional or local competitions.