ATX® Calibrated Powerlifting Plates (RL)


ATX® have introduced Calibrated Powerlifting Plates that offer superior durability and accuracy. Designed & engineered in Germany using bullet proof, solid steel. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY


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The calibrated steel plates bridge the gap between looks and functionality. Since the weight plates serve only one purpose they made sure that these plates can withstand any use and abuse.


Weight in kg2.5510152025
Thickness / mm142019192125

Calibrated Steel Plates vs Iron Plates

As the name suggests the ATX® Calibrated Steel Plates have been manufactured out of solid steel (cast steel). Steel does an excellent job when it comes to withstanding sudden impacts without breaking, bending or deforming. Which gives it a significant advantage over the industry standard Cast Iron weight plates which are rather brittle.

The Cast Steel plates are ideal for any Elite Powerlifting and Strength training facility where the users will either be smashing the plates around or attempt to perform Olympic Lifts. In saying that, we would not recommend splashing your money on these plates for your home gym unless you are planning on preparing for competitions.

Hand Calibrated to perfection

Powerlifters have always been trying to add that little bit of extra weight to their totals. It is only fair that the equipment they are using can measure that weight accurately.

The ATX® Calibrated Steel plates have been hand calibrated to a minuscule 0.05% of nominated weight. For example 15kg, 20 kg and 25 kg weight plates have a weight deviation of only 5 grams!

Thicker than the previous generation for a reason

A few years ago ATX® released the slimmest ever Calibrated Powerlifting Plates (ATX-CPP), the 25 kg plate was only 22 mm thick! While they did win the bragging rights for the slimmest weights, it wasn’t as functional. The plate itself was quite difficult to grip and could slip from sweaty hands.
The German Engineers redesigned and thickened the plates, with the 25 kg weight plate now being 25 mm thick. But the improvements did not stop here.

International colour coding

The international colour coding allows you to easily identify the plate without having to actually see the front of it. ATX® have used a semi gloss paint alongside a rougher surface to both improve how the paint sticks to the plate and your grip.

The the coarse design increase the total surface grip area, considerably reducing the likelihood of the weight plate slipping your hands.
To top it off you will never have to worry about the logos & weight markings rubbing off due to the raised logo & weight marking design.

What’s included

ATX® Olympic Calibrated Steel Plates (RL) are sold INDIVIDUALLY. If you are after a pair, please purchase 2 units.

Product Specifications

Weight 25 kg

(+/- 0.05%)


450 mm


22 mm

Internal Diameter

50.4 mm


Sold Individually


Solid Steel




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