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Thanks to Leonel for sending through some pictures and his ATX-PRX-750 Power Rack Review. It is set up in Leonel’s studio where he trains clients. These racks look so good it is not just the clients who are impressed. When the garage door is up it sounds like there is a bit of rubber necking […]

Powertec Workbench Ab Plus

The Powertec Workbench Ab Plus was a quirky machine. I only ever got a handful. It is a real walk down memory lane in terms of training styles. This was a time when people thought the only way they could train abs was with a machine. Nowadays there are so many other simpler ways. In […]

Workbench Powertec Leg Press Accessory

The Powertec Workbench Leg Press Attachment was one attachment that had a mixed response. Some people liked it while others were not impressed. I reluctantly sold it, only after a few people said they liked it. After a while it become too much trouble. Personally I feel the actual concept of a leg press attachment […]

The Powertec Vertical Gym was a real quirky gym. Definitely not my cup of tea, but it was popular with some. When you look at the footprint, it was not far off the Powertec Leverage Gym. The extra space and money was well worth stepping up to the bigger gym. This recommendation was based on […]

The Powertec Complact LeverGym was a great concept and showcased excellent design skills. It just was not that great to use. Before I outline my criticisms I should declare bias. My preference is always simplicity over complexity. My job as a fitness equipment retailer is to get people the best possible gym equipment for their […]

Powertec Leverage Chest Prest L-CP

The Powertec Leverage Chest Press was a great little machine. It was very basic, but yet delivered a timeless chest exercise. In true Powertec style it featured some extra functionality. The simple angle adjustment allowed you to do incline and decline leverage bench press. Sadly this machine was discontinued not long after I started distributing […]

L-LEC Powertec Leverage Leg Extension Curl Machine.

Writing about the Powertec Leverage Leg Extension/Curl brings a tear to my eyes. It is a real story about what could have been. After personally witnessing how popular a plate loaded leg extension leg curl machine could be, I feel Powertec made a mistake by removing this machine from their range. The Leverage Leg Extension/Curl […]

The Powertec Leverage Low Row was another machine that had loads of potential. We had one set up in the showroom many moons ago. It was not the best row. But it certainly wasn’t the worse. In a gym environment it was a handy addition. We used it many times in back workouts. Powertec Leverage […]

Powertec Leverage Quikfit System

It was machines like the Powertec Leverage QuikFit System that made me really proud to be a Powertec dealer. You have to remember. It was before 2010 and the options for affordable gym equipment was really limited. There was simply nothing on the market even remotely comparable to this system. Having had one set up […]

The Powertec Leverage Shoulder Press was a great little machine. The fact that it was little was one of the reasons that made it great! In just over one square meter you could load it up and hit the shoulders hard. This machine could handle as much weight as you could fit on it. Or […]

Powertec Power Lever

I am not going to lie to you. The L-PL Powertec Power Lever was a gimmick. Practically all the exercises that are demonstrated can be performed with a 4ft Olympic barbell. It can be argued that the Olympic barbell option is superior too. Most importantly for the budget conscious, it was a lot cheaper. Now […]

Powertec Bench Rack System

The Powertec Bench Rack System was just a half rack and bench combination. What made it out stand out from the pack was the famous yellow Powertec colour. You could also get it in red and grey. I mean there were design elements that made it stand out from the competition. Most notably the Powertec […]

Powertec T Bar Row

The Powertec Leverage T Bar Row is another one that got away. If you read my old Powertec reviews, this is a recurring theme. Normally I am glowing about my reviews on the discontinued machines that I thought had a promising future. The T Bar Row was one that could have been improved. In it’s […]

p-ss powertec shape system

The Powertec Shape System was one of my favorite machines. At the time of me writing this – 30th April 2024 – I am still in possession of one. Granted it is nearly out the door after moving it out of my gym. Given these were last made in 2008 that speaks volumes of what […]

Powertec Leverage Pec Fly Delt

It was a sad day when the Powertec Leverage Pec Fly/Delt was removed from their range. To prepare I purchased extras of this machine. In Australia we were able to still send these out many years after their 2008 production date. The reason I stocked up was because I knew these unique machines would always […]

The Powertec Leverage Lat Pulldown was phased out in 2008. So I only sold a handful over the years. It was a quirky machine. For starters why opt for leverage over the traditional lat pulldown cable machine? Leverage machines are nearly always cheaper than their cable counterparts. They are much simpler to manufacture. For the […]

leverage arm curl

The Powertec Leverage Arm Curl has combined simple and heavy-duty design with several handy features to make the best value bicep machine on the market. The angle of the preacher curl bench has 3 adjustment levels. The steep setting targets the lower bicep. Increase the weight and drop the reps and set the preacher pad […]

P-FB Powertec Flat Bench Plus

The Powertec Flat Bench could easily be dismissed as just another run of the mill bench. That was never the Powertec style. There was always a twist. An extra feature or function. That was what made them market leaders in the domestic gym equipment market. When Crossfit first started, the demand for flat benches increased. […]

Powertec Half Rack in Yellow

The Powertec Half Rack is very popular in Sydney as it is a great free weight alternative for people who have limited space. As house prices soar, home gym sizes shrink, so people are always looking for gym equipment that is more compact. But don’t think because this half rack is compact, it won’t be up for some serious training. It is rated for 700lbs.

Powertec Workbench Funtional Trainer

The Workbench Functional Trainer is the latest addition to the Powertec range. They have taken many elements of the old Shape System and built on them to produce a Functional Trainer that is different to the competition.

The Powertec Basic Trainer helps you do all of your bodyweight training – chin ups, dips, vertical knee raises, push ups & squats – with just one machine!

Finally, a Leg Press that doesn’t cost a bomb, can take plenty of weight and doesn’t take up half your gym. Utilising tried and tested technology from Powertec, get a leg machine that looks and performs just like a high end commercial leg press, but at a fraction of the price.

The Powertec Compact Leg Sled is an all around leg machine with an equally excellent performance as that of a 45degree Leg Press but at a lower price tag. Transfer more weight onto your quads by using this leg sled, it doesn’t take much space and can be a great tool to build leg strength without putting the extra stress on your lover back or shoulders unlike squats.

The Assisted Dip and Chin Up helps you perfect your form while training for upper body strength. Recommended for beginners & advanced trainers on rehab.

Use this powerful Powertec Olympic Bench Press for your flat, incline and decline bench press, and even shoulder press. The Powertec Olympic Bench Press is packed full of features including incline/decline functionality plus it’s designed to shift back in the upright position, so you can get under the bar for shoulder pressing.

Increase your chest and shoulder strength with the Powertec Workbench Multi Bench Press Machine! Its self-spotting feature offers you maximum protection.

The Powertec Lat Machine offers industrial-grade cables & pulleys combined with commercial upholstery. The Powertec Lat Machine combines a silk-smooth movement with a serious weight load capacity. Perfect for your home gym or studio.

If barbell squats don’t agree with your knees and back then the Powertec Leverage Squat will enable you to get the benefits from this exercise without the pain.?Do your squats and standing calf raise safely with the Powertec Leverage Squat & Calf Machine. Plus the standing calf raise is as good as any that you will find in a gym. A spotter bar supports the load if you can’t finish your set.

Designed for use with Powertec machines such as Bench Press, Multi System & LeverGym. Powertec Leg Lift Attachment will transform your leg workout with some much needed variety. Can be used for leg extensions, leg curls or can be locked for ab or decline bench press.?Add variety to your leg training with the Powertec Leg Lift Attachment!

Blast your biceps without the additional expense! Simply attach this extremely versatile Powertec Curl Machine Accessory to your other Powertec machines.

Experience greater comfort during your shoulder or incline press with the Powertec Utility Bench 2016 model. The Powertec Workbench Utility Bench was always popular due to it’s versatility. The re-designed 2016 version makes it a stand out as a gym bench alone, without factoring in the handy optional extras. Features a roller system for bench adjustments!

Its aircraft quality cables, industrial pulleys and 300lbs load capacity make this Workbench Lat Tower Accessory an ideal high and low pulley for your workbench.

Target your inner pecs with the Workbench Pec Fly Accessory! Simply attach to your Powertec Workbench or Multi Press for a more compact pec deck machine. Add leverage pec flys to your workout with this great attachment for your Powertec Workbench Gym.

The Workbench Dip Machine Accessory helps you perform dips on your Powertec Workbench Gym Equipment. For beginners & trainers who need to build strength.

If you own a Powertec Power Rack you can add an Optional Lat Tower, it simply bolts to the back of the power rack. Do your seated rows, lat pulldown & tricep pressdowns with this Powertec Workbench Lat Tower Option. Just connect to your Powertec Half Rack or Power Rack.

A proven performer in it’s class, the Powertec power rack is world renowned for being heavy duty and great value. It’s a 1,000lb (450kg) load capacity power cage with a home gym price tag! The quality construction and highly adjustable spotter bars let you train safely and save a few dollars without compromising on features.?With its sturdy construction & compact footprint, the Powertec Power Rack offers great value for serious weight trainers. With 1000lbs (450kgs) capacity.

The Powertec LeverGym – with Iso Lateral Arms proves even the best gym equipment for over 20 years can still get better. The Powertec Workbench LeverGym has proven to be the most heavy duty and functional compact home gym system for over 20 years. The list of exercises is limited only to your imagination, plus they handle heavy weight with ease.?For beginners & advanced trainers.

wb-ms16-powertec multi system

This ultra compact Workbench Multi System – Iso Lateral Arms from Powertec offers excellent safety and perfomance to beginners and serious bodybuilders alike. The Powertec Workbench Multi System has been the market leader in multi station gyms for nearly 20 years now. The revolutionary design brought the feel and quality of commercial leverage machines into a more compact footprint.

Powertec LeverGym

It was with a heavy heart that I stopped importing Powertec, and the LeverGym was one of the reasons why. This gym was a big part of my life for many years. Not just in a business sense, training on this machine got me through some tough times.

Jammer Arms for power cages and squat racks have been a relatively recent phenomenon to hit the gym equipment market. Not only do they look impressive, they actually add loads of functionality to your workout. A set of Jammer Arms will turn your humble power rack into any number of your favorite lever arm machine. […]

The covid pandemic managed to convert more people to home training virtually overnight than anyone thought possible. Imagine a large portion of gym-goers all trying to buy gym equipment all at once. This sent demand through the roof – and sadly, prices too. When the prices went up people thought they could make a killing. […]

A Power Rack is one of the best investments that you can make in any gym environment. They allow you to do loads of exercises safely. Most importantly, some of those exercises like bench press and squats, are considered the most effective in terms of building strength and muscle mass. In a home gym, or […]

German engineers seem to sacrifice their precious sleep and weekends to offer the best power racks in the world for the price. Just recently they have released 10 new Power Cages. Add an ever-growing list of various accessories to the mix and you have got yourself into something called choice overload. Knowing this information will […]

A healthy diet can help muscle growth.

This diet is designed for people who are looking to get the correct nutrition while weight training. Muscle growth is the body’s response to the overloading of muscles through weight training. The muscle growth process requires certain essential nutrients – the Basic Weight Training Diet ensures that your body has all these bases covered. The […]

It is great to hear that while the gyms were closed for months, people did not give up on training entirely. A fair few of them picked up home gym training! The only downside is a lot of the athletes did not know how to target a specific muscle group without the specialty machines from […]

“hi mate, Thanks for your speedy delivery of this gym. I would like to say i am very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship and have no hessitations in reccomending you to anybody i know. I purchased another simular setup like yours about 4 months off ebay and the guy ripped me off and its […]

The Australian IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Show is less than 6 weeks away. Here is a list of the competitors.

Do not be fooled, the simple chin-up bar can outperform some very expensive and complicated back machines. If done in the correct form, pull-ups can be the best exercise you could do to have a well-developed back. It activates a ton of different muscle groups and even allows you to target a specific area based on the grips […]

Here is a barbell buying guide for the new range of ATX bars. The range is so comprehensive that it can get a bit confusing. But after reading this barbell guide you will see that we have Australia’s best range of barbells! First up, a bit of background on the barbells. Given the growth in […]

Break through plateaus by making your body comfortable with lifting heavier weights

I have been busted by the Form Police! Just recently I’ve posted a video update of my training progress. While the weight might seem impressive for some of you (190kgs), the form wasn’t. I completely understand why I received the critique. My glutes lost contact with the bench, so the lift would have been given […]

Gym equipment can be confusing. We see it all the time. A customer comes into the shop looking for something they believe is a relatively simple choice, like a bench press. Then they are confronted with several choices. Each option will have it’s pros and cons relative to each other. Their heads start spinning trying […]

What does Smith Cable Rack and MMA have in common? You can’t be lacking strength, agility or versatility if you want to be the best. The Barbarian Line Smith Cable Rack is like a super heavyweight in the current multi gym market. It has a commercial quality smith machine, half rack, functional trainer and multi-grip […]

The new ATX Blackline Cable Attachments have been a real eye opener for not just our customers but also myself. Being a simple man with simple tastes, I go for the basic things in life. As long it functions right and is durable it gets a green light. To put it in perspective one of […]

Just thought I would post my highly biased review of the Ironmaster IM1500 after reading a review of the half rack on It copped a bit of a hammering, which I thought was a bit harsh considering that the people making the comments don’t actually own one. But everyone has a right to their opinion, […]

Build up slowly for best results

A good way to set up a strength program is to use your own body weight (BW) as a reference point. For example, if you weigh 80kg set up your program as such. Bench press 30% of BW x 15 reps – 50% of BW for 10 reps – 75% of BW for 5 reps. Now […]

Choosing any gym equipment always comes down to space, functionality and budget. If you have got loads of money and space you have all the options. If you are missing one or both of these your options are limited. You will have to compromise.   Whether it be a home or gym you need to have […]

So you are thinking about an Iso Lateral Leg Press. Let me guess you have crapped your pants when you have seen the price? Iso Lateral Leg Press vs Leg Press – are they worth the $$$$$$$? Well I thought I would ask the bloke with the best legs I know – Lee Priest. Well […]

When you’re a complete beginner at lifting weights, the amount of information around can be overwhelming. Initially you might get confused by whether beginners should be training for strength or hypertrophy. Or which training program is best for beginners. So here are some simple beginner weight training tips to get you started. Ultimately, a lot […]

The purpose of this ATX-PRX-620 Power Rack Comparison is to help the confused power rack shopper understand the differences between a sample of cages. We have arguably the biggest range of quality power racks now that the ATX range is mostly all in stock. Plus there is a mind boggling amount of racks and cages […]

Is a Plate Loaded or Weight Stack Machine Right for You? We often get asked about the Pros and Cons of weight plate-loaded machines vs their more expensive cousin, the weight stack machines. Below, I’ll cover all you need to know about the differences between these machines, and which one you should buy for your […]

“I can’t build muscle at home”. “I need lots of equipment to get a good workout”. “I can’t afford a home gym” .. RUBBISH! Today, I’ll reveal the secrets behind a basic budget home gym setup, and answer whether or not you need to spend 1000s of dollars on expensive gym equipment (Heads up: You […]

Straight off the bat I would like to make it clear that this is not a Powertec bashing exercise. I love the Powertec brand and literally spent a big part of my life devoted to it. I deliberated long and hard before I stopped selling Powertec. In my office gym, I still have my old […]

A lot of fitness equipment retailers offer free shipping. We don’t. Trust me transport companies don’t do any freebies. Free Shipping is a myth and I will explain why. Recently we were called out by a member on the Facebook group Garage Gyms Australia for charging exorbitant shipping. The member was located in country NSW […]

Huge shout out to Scott from the UK for sending through his Ironmaster Review inspired multifunction home gym. What makes this review even more special for me is that it has come all the way from Great Britain! For the record I do not make a cent from the sale of Ironmaster products out of […]

lee priest bicep curl

Now you’ve done a few bicep curls with your shiny new Olympic EZ Curl Bar, you might be wondering what other exercises you can do with it. Well stick around to find out. We are going to explore 25 EZ Curl Bare Exercises. “My gym is far away and I cannot afford a home gym”, therefore […]

If you’ve stepped into a commercial gym in January then you’ll know how much gyms can feel like a chimpanzee exhibit. Obviously to avoid this stressful experience we’d advise getting home gym equipment, but not everybody has the space or the money. Here’s a list of the main laws of basic gym etiquette. We’d strongly […]

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