The Powertec Lat Machine offers industrial-grade cables & pulleys combined with commercial upholstery. The Powertec Lat Machine combines a silk-smooth movement with a serious weight load capacity. Perfect for your home gym or studio.

If barbell squats don’t agree with your knees and back then the Powertec Leverage Squat will enable you to get the benefits from this exercise without the pain.?Do your squats and standing calf raise safely with the Powertec Leverage Squat & Calf Machine. Plus the standing calf raise is as good as any that you will find in a gym. A spotter bar supports the load if you can’t finish your set.

Designed for use with Powertec machines such as Bench Press, Multi System & LeverGym. Powertec Leg Lift Attachment will transform your leg workout with some much needed variety. Can be used for leg extensions, leg curls or can be locked for ab or decline bench press.?Add variety to your leg training with the Powertec Leg Lift Attachment!

Blast your biceps without the additional expense! Simply attach this extremely versatile Powertec Curl Machine Accessory to your other Powertec machines.

Experience greater comfort during your shoulder or incline press with the Powertec Utility Bench 2016 model. The Powertec Workbench Utility Bench was always popular due to it’s versatility. The re-designed 2016 version makes it a stand out as a gym bench alone, without factoring in the handy optional extras. Features a roller system for bench adjustments!

Its aircraft quality cables, industrial pulleys and 300lbs load capacity make this Workbench Lat Tower Accessory an ideal high and low pulley for your workbench.

Target your inner pecs with the Workbench Pec Fly Accessory! Simply attach to your Powertec Workbench or Multi Press for a more compact pec deck machine. Add leverage pec flys to your workout with this great attachment for your Powertec Workbench Gym.

The Workbench Dip Machine Accessory helps you perform dips on your Powertec Workbench Gym Equipment. For beginners & trainers who need to build strength.

If you own a Powertec Power Rack you can add an Optional Lat Tower, it simply bolts to the back of the power rack. Do your seated rows, lat pulldown & tricep pressdowns with this Powertec Workbench Lat Tower Option. Just connect to your Powertec Half Rack or Power Rack.

A proven performer in it’s class, the Powertec power rack is world renowned for being heavy duty and great value. It’s a 1,000lb (450kg) load capacity power cage with a home gym price tag! The quality construction and highly adjustable spotter bars let you train safely and save a few dollars without compromising on features.?With its sturdy construction & compact footprint, the Powertec Power Rack offers great value for serious weight trainers. With 1000lbs (450kgs) capacity.

The Powertec LeverGym – with Iso Lateral Arms proves even the best gym equipment for over 20 years can still get better. The Powertec Workbench LeverGym has proven to be the most heavy duty and functional compact home gym system for over 20 years. The list of exercises is limited only to your imagination, plus they handle heavy weight with ease.?For beginners & advanced trainers.

wb-ms16-powertec multi system

This ultra compact Workbench Multi System – Iso Lateral Arms from Powertec offers excellent safety and perfomance to beginners and serious bodybuilders alike. The Powertec Workbench Multi System has been the market leader in multi station gyms for nearly 20 years now. The revolutionary design brought the feel and quality of commercial leverage machines into a more compact footprint.

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