If you’ve stepped into a commercial gym in January then you’ll know how much gyms can feel like a chimpanzee exhibit. Obviously to avoid this stressful experience we’d advise getting home gym equipment, but not everybody has the space or the money. Here’s a list of the main laws of basic gym etiquette. We’d strongly […]

1-10kg rubber hex dumbbell set

This article is about the things to consider when buying a dumbbell stand. Most of our rubber hex dumbbell sets already come with a rack, but not everyone purchases all their dumbbells in one go. Instead we find a lot of people pick up a couple of pairs to begin with, then buy more as they get […]

ATX-TBR-700 A woman performing a t-bar row

The T-Bar Row Machine is highly recommended if you want to build a strong back. But we understand it may be out of a lot of people’s price range, and you might be working with limited space. If that’s the case we can offer you a second best: a landmine attachment for use with your Olympic bar. […]

ATX-BAH-PT Landmine Attachment with someone doing a lunge

Landmine attachments exploded in popularity when functional training burst onto the scene. However the original landmine could be considered the practice of jamming an Olympic barbell into the corner of a gym and doing t bar rows with cable row handle. This gave rise to a couple of issues. Firstly gym goers can be notoriously […]

ATX-LSW-850 Big Wesley Vissers doing a lat pulldown on a Trinity Tower

A lat pulldown machine is an age old piece of gym equipment – traditional lat pulldowns were popular because they mimicked the movement of a pullup. You could use less weight and go for more reps if you weren’t great at pullups (like me). There are also countless lat pulldown variations you can perform on your lat […]

ATX-HRX-750 Half Rack with lat pulldown

If you’re starting a home gym from scratch, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of choice you have. Especially which piece of equipment should be the centerpiece of your new gym. For the free weight training enthusiast the half rack vs full rack question is an example of such a decision. For most […]


The Man With The Best Arms in The World Who better to learn arm training secrets from other than Lee Priest. Lee has been voted in several polls by his peers and fans as the man with the best arms in the world. At the age of 50, Lee is still rocking 20″+ plus arms. […]

ATX-V-50-600 IPF Star Calibrated Olympic Collars

In a perfect world, when we’d all be moving the bar up and down in a straight line. But the world is far from perfect and so is your form! That’s why bar collars are so useful: they stop the plates from moving side so side when you’re lifting. There are many types, so which […]

Woman chalking up her hands on a platform with weight and barbells

Gym chalk is one of the most useful accessories you can have in your gym bag. I would advise taking it out your gym bag before heading to an airport though. We often get questions about our gym chalk, so we thought it best to write an article so you will know all about gym […]

ATX-HEX-XLC Hex Trap Bar

An Olympic Hex Trap Bar is a must have for any gym – if you’re not yet sure how to use a trap bar, this article will give you some much needed exercise ideas. Trap Bar Deadlifts Deadlifts are a brilliant compound exercise. If you’ve ever trained before you’re likely to have them in your […]

Hex trap bars are an odd looking piece of equipment if you’ve never seen one before. They’re designed to have your centre of mass inside the bar when doing deadlifts, which keeps your back in a more upright position thereby decreasing stress and likelihood of injury. Determining which is the best trap bar for you […]

The humble Tricep Rope is a staple in gyms. From a commercial facility or a humble home gym. They are relatively inexpensive and great for training triceps. This tricep rope guide will help you choose the right rope for your training. Tricep ropes were a mainstay in our gym packages. If there was gym equipment […]

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