Ironmaster Adjustable Kettlebell

Durability and flexibility combined. Ironmaster Adjustable Kettlebells have a solid steel handle fused into its cast iron base and separate weight plates. This adjustable kettlebell system is not only cost and space-effective, but also ergonomic: its handle is suited for single and double hand use.

  • Compact footprint
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Cost-effective
  • Affordable prices
  • User-friendly design
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Ironmaster Adjustable KettlebellFrequently Asked Questions

Are Adjustable Kettlebells good?

Ironmaster adjustable kettlebells are not good, they are great! Cheap adjustable kettlebells can be a nightmare. If they have plastic adjustment mechanisms, they are almost guaranteed to fail after sustained usage. Ironmaster adjustable kettlebells are made from good old-fashioned iron and steel.  

The downside to adjustable kettlebells is that they are normally compromised in some way so you can adjust them. This means that their design is not perfectly identical to an actual kettlebell. This can affect the balance, which will require changes in technique on certain exercises. 

If you are a kettlebell purist or wanting to go balls deep into kettlebell training, don’t get an adjustable kettlebell.  

Speaking from experience, and a kettlebell novice, the Ironmaster Adjustable Kettlebell system is perfect if you just want to add some kettlebell exercises to your training. Swings, clean and presses, Turkish get ups and snatches all can be done with the Ironmasters. There are many more exercises too, but these are the main ones that I do.  

How do Adjustable Kettlebells Work?

Adjustable dumbbells work by adding or removing weight from the handle. The mechanism used varies depending on the brand.  

The Ironmaster Adjustable Kettlebell handle utilises the same locking mechanism as their Quick Lock dumbbells. It is simply a screw with a section machined out. This means you only need to turn the screw roughly half a rotation to lock the plates into place.  

You simply unlock the screw, add more weight, and then tighten the screw. The plates are machined, and hand finished, so they lock together and will stay upright while the screw is out. It is a very clever method that has proven effective for decades.