Spring Pins for Gym Equipment

Discover our versatile range of Spring Pins, commonly known as Pull-Pins and Pop Pins. These spring-operated adjustment handles are essential for a myriad of weight training machines, from cable crossover pulley systems to bench seats or any equipment with an adjustable component.

Pull Pin Twist and Lock Thread M10 Thread M12 Thread M16 Thread M18 Thread M20

  • Wide Range of Replacement Pins
  • Suits a Variety of Weight Training Machines
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Spring-Operated
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Our Spring Pins collection is divided into two main types:

Pull-Pins: These provide a straightforward adjustment mechanism. To use, simply pull the pin, shift the adjustable part to your preferred position, then release. The spring takes care of securing it back in place. Especially recommended for high-traffic gyms, Pull-Pins are designed for durability. Users won’t inadvertently damage them by pulling on a tightened pin. Additionally, many of our Pull-Pins come with a housing feature, making them ideal for those designing and manufacturing their own gym equipment.

Twist & Lock Pins: These pins address the common issue of play between the pin and its hole, as the latter has to be marginally larger for easy adjustment. With the Twist & Lock design, users can tighten the pin to eliminate any undesired movement, ensuring a snug fit. However, the trade-off is the need to constantly loosen and tighten the pin for each adjustment.