Gym Roller Wheels

We offer a selection of high-quality gym pulleys for your cable gym. We stock pulleys in a variety of sizes so you can replace any broken pulley on your multi gym or lat pulldown machine. All our pulleys have bearings that allow them to run silky smooth.

If you are looking for an upgrade, we also offer pulleys made out of aluminium. These are excellent for commercial gyms where inconsiderate gym members find innovative ways to abuse gym equipment!

Aluminium Pulley Nylon Pulley Belt Pulley Bench Wheel Pulley Covers

  • Made from extremely durable materials
  • Heavy load capacities
  • Internal diameter for bolt or axial
  • Affordable prices
  • May be used with other machines
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Pulley Bolt Size

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We also stock a range of nylon and polymid rolllers. These are usually used on leg presses or hack squat machines. But they are also used on weight bench mechanisms too.

If you are a gym equipment fabricator and looking to build a 45 degree leg press, rollers are a great alternative to linear bearings. The rollers also operate on sealed bearings and they are very durable while being smooth. Plus they are not as harsh on the guide rails as bearings are.