Versatile Foam Rollers for Gym Equipment

Discover our comprehensive range of foam rollers, compatible with a vast array of gym equipment, spanning multiple brands and machine types.
Predominantly utilized in leg-focused apparatus such as leg extensions and lying leg curls, our rollers are also instrumental in lat pulldown machines, providing essential anchoring when lifting substantial weights.

Covered Uncovered Covers

  • High-quality materials
  • Improved comfort
  • Easy to clean pads
  • Multiple sizes to suit a variety of machines
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Showing 1–12 of 18 results

We highly recommend opting for our nylon covers. Some of our rollers come already equipped with these covers, but they can also be added to existing rollers with ease.
The benefits are two-fold: they significantly extend the roller’s lifespan and prevent sweat absorption.
Unlike foam rollers that tend to soak up sweat—potentially becoming a hotspot for germs in bustling gym settings—the nylon covers can be effortlessly wiped clean, promoting a hygienic workout environment.
Invest in our foam rollers to enhance your gym equipment’s functionality and maintain a cleaner, safer exercise space.