Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbell System

Ironmaster make the World’s strongest adjustable Ironmaster Dumbbell Sets, which have been tested in gyms for decades in many countries. They are made from iron and steel, with no plastic or fragile components, and can be expanded to 70kgs per dumbbell!

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  • Unrivalled durability & strength
  • Smart, expandable design
  • Easy & quick adjustments
  • Compact size
  • Cost-effective
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Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells

The compact and adjustable design makes these dumbbells perfect for any home gym or studio who does not have the space or budget for a rack of fixed dumbbells. Whether you are a beginner lifter or hardcore bodybuilder, Ironmaster has a dumbbell set to suit all.

Features which separates Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells from competition:

Simple and bulletproof

Most of the adjustable dumbbells on the market suffer from the same set of problems – fragile components.

The Ironmaster Dumbbell Handles are made from the highest-grade steel. The plates are made from cast iron and are hand machined. They have no parts which may fail and the only plastic you will find is in the packaging.

The handles have the feel of any heavy-duty commercial dumbbell. They are plated in chrome for durability and knurled for grip. The locking screws are precision machined from solid steel. These screws only require a partial turn to lock the plates into place.


Just because it’s strong it doesn’t mean it has to be bulky. The Ironmaster Dumbbell Handle comes with a comfortable, knurled 30 mm grip. Which is the same diameter as your Olympic Barbells.

One of the most common problems with fixed dumbbells is that the weights expand in size. Combine that with a shorter handle and you will have very little room to train comfortably.

Ironmaster Quick Locks are designed to suit trainers of all shapes and sizes. The total grip length is 17 cm! Since you are going to be using identical weight plates the height of the dumbbell will remain the same. Providing you with optimum comfort even when handling the heaviest weights.

Train Easier and Heavier!

The Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells may seem a lot more expensive than your basic spinlock or Olympic dumbbell handle set up. But training with the Quick Locks compared with these entry level set ups is night and day.

Ironmaster Dumbbells offer the following features:

  • It takes only 15-30 seconds to adjust both dumbbells. Trust me your weight changes might be slow at the start, but you will speed up in no time. The patented Ironmaster Quick Lock system requires only a ¼- 3/4 turn and the locking screw slides straight out.
  • No need to worry about the handle piercing your thigh as the Quick Locks come with a flat head screw. When you are performing a heavy flat, incline or shoulder dumbbell press you can comfortably rest the dumbbells on your thighs and kick them up.
  • Just do a partial turn to tighten the dumbbell and you won’t be able to tell the difference between a fixed dumbbell and adjustable dumbbell!
  • Expandable up to 70 kgs per dumbbell!

Precision Plates

Unlike your regular Olympic Weight Plates, Ironmaster plates are hand machined to interlock with each other. They fit perfectly, leaving no gap between them. This unique design enables the plates to stand vertically when the locking screw is removed.

The 5lbs dumbbell weight plates are identical. Unlike your fixed dumbbells they won’t expand in width. Which could affect your grip.

As they are a product designed for the US market, the plates have weight markings in pounds. After going global years ago, they also have kilo markings.

If you own a base set, you can adjust the weight of each dumbbell from 5 lbs to 75 lbs in 2.5 lbs increments! That is 29 different dumbbell variations in a space of a 48 cm x 36 cm!

A rack of this many dumbbell combinations would take up ten times more space! Plus, it will greatly enhance your training experience as you make jumps in weight in smaller increments.

Expandable in Functionality, Not Just Weight

Ironmaster is focused on maximising the use of space in your gym. The dumbbells have been around so long that they were on the scene prior to the resurgence in kettlebell training.

Seeing that a set of kettlebells was not only expensive but took up a lot of space, Ironmaster developed the Ironmaster Kettlebell Handle. By using the Ironmaster Dumbbell Plates, you could have a variety of kettlebell weights with just the addition of the Kettlebell Handle.

The big advantage over this system versus traditional kettlebell training was that you could also increase weight in smaller increments.

If you want a stronger grip you will have to put some extra work in training your forearms. The best way to do that is by using a thicker grip during your everyday exercises. Ironmaster offers two different grip upgrades for their dumbbells – 40 mm and 50 mm.

Unlike normal thick grips, these bolt to the handle. Just mount them to your dumbbells and once you get used to the thicker grip, you won’t even notice the difference, but your muscles will!

Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on weight plates you can re-use the Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbell plates on a variety of gym equipment:

  • Ironmaster EZ Curl Bar and Straight Bar.
  • Ironmaster IM 2000 Smith Machine
  • Ironmaster Portable Lat Machine
  • Ironmaster Leg Extension Attachment
  • Ironmaster Cable Tower Attachment

Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbell SystemFrequently Asked Questions

Are Adjustable Dumbbells Good?

Good quality adjustable dumbbells like the Ironmaster Quick Locks are the best. They are compact, have extensive weight combinations and are unbreakable. Cheap adjustable dumbbells will break eventually. Then you will buy Ironmasters. 

Spin lock dumbbell handles, and Olympic Dumbbell handles do have their place. But they do have limitations. If you are on a tight budget and only need them for certain exercises, then maybe they are ok. However, they are not great for bench pressing which is a dumbbell exercise that is well worth adding to your program. 

My advice is that if you can’t afford quality adjustable dumbbells, wait until you can. Spending money on cheap stuff is only going to set you back further from getting quality. 

My Ironmaster’s have lasted me 20 years. I have done so much training with them. They are still going so they work out to be the best value gym equipment in the long run.  

Are Adjustable Dumbbells Safe?

Cheap adjustable dumbbells will break eventually. Are they safe? It all depends on when they break – imagine it happening on a heavy dumbbell press? Or if you find out the real reason, they call them skull crushers! 

Spinlock dumbbells are safer than Olympic dumbbells. You must be careful with Olympic dumbbell handles because the collars can slide off depending on the exercise. I would not recommend doing heavy overhead extensions.  

If you want to be safe with adjustable dumbbells buy some good quality ones. Ironmaster Quick Lock dumbbells have been sold around the world for decades. Read the reviews. They are designed and built for some heavy lifting – up to 70kgs per dumbbell.  

This build quality ensures that you can train heavy and safely.